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Reinvigorating Your Career: Getting Past the Job Blahs

Originally Aired
January 23, 2015
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Cachet Prescott
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When you think about your current job, do you feel:

  • Dissatisfaction or a loss of passion in your work?
  • Bored or a lack of fulfillment and/or inspiration?
  • That there is no excitement in your workplace?

If so, then this captivating webinar can help cure your case of the job blahs! Certified Career Coach and HR Consultant Cachet Prescott tackles the topic of career discontent and discusses how to get beyond the blahs to fall in love with your work again. Cachet will provide you with actionable tips for supercharging and reinvigorating your career that are applicable at any stage of your occupational journey.

In this session, you will:

  1. Discover what’s at the root of your career discontent.
  2. Identify what needs to come next (i.e. increased responsibilities, promotion, career change, etc.).
  3. Formulate a plan for moving from dissatisfaction to career fulfillment.

About Cachet Prescott

Cachet Prescott (Col ’01) is a certified career coach, HR consultant, workplace trainer and speaker who owns Work Savvy Consulting, where her work centers on the human side of the workplace. With the 5 Ps (people, purpose, performance, processes and productivity) at the helm of her efforts, she’s dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve career success and organizational effectiveness.

As The Mid-Career Coach, Cachet specializes in purpose-aligned career transitions and empowers professional women to write the next chapter of their occupational success stories. She also enables clients to take charge of their professional messaging through brand strategy, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile development and resume writing.

In her HR consultant role, Cachet puts the focus on each organization’s most valuable asset: the people. Through career, employee and organizational development solutions, she helps businesses effectively make the connection between their people, processes and productivity. She also delivers dynamic professional development seminars and workshops to train staff and encourage them to put their best foot forward in the workplace.

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