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Process Thinking: The Essential Skill that Will Change Your Life

Originally Aired
February 22, 2013
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Andrea Dolph
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Process thinking is an essential skill for your life, both personally and professionally. The phrase “process improvement” might evoke memories of business trends from the 1990’s — “BPI” and “Six Sigma,” for example – that sound a bit outdated, but that actually resulted in significant cost reductions, accelerated schedules, and customer-oriented quality enhancements. Developing the ability to identify, analyze, improve and create processes will result in dramatic improvements in your life.

In this webinar, Andrea Dolph (Col ’79) will explore the pivotal skill that she calls “process thinking”. You will learn:

  • How to develop a process-oriented mindset
  • How a process-orientation can help you
    • work faster
    • be more creative
    • collaborate more effectively
    • be a better problem solver
    • save money, and
    • have a more peaceful family life!

About Andrea Dolph

Andrea Trulson Dolph (Col ’79) is President and co-founder of Pragmaticus, Inc., whose mission is to enable successful transitions from college to the workplace. She is co-author of Hit the Job Running,which outlines practical processes and skills essential to being a high-performing employee.

Andrea has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in strategic business and Information Technology planning, program management, and software engineering. As a manager/director at GE and Lockheed Martin, she hired and coached employees ranging from entry level to highly experienced. She also served as executive recruiting coordinator at her alma mater, the University of Virginia. In addition to her BA from UVa, Andrea holds a Masters in Computer Science from George Washington University.

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