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Tuck and Roll: How to Instigate and Perpetrate a Career Transition

Originally Aired
March 27, 2015
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Amanda Upson
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Tuck and Roll is a trail running technique, a life method, a career transition philosophy, and, for those reasons, the name of this former labor and employment attorney’s production company. Amanda Upson (Col ’95) will walk you through a career transition without (much) second-guessing or fear of immense and total failure. She will break down what it was like to go through her own career transition and share tactics that have made her professional transition a success. Finally, she will give specific instruction (yes, there’s homework) on things you can do to initiate and execute your own career transition. If you’re not at all interested in career transition, the trail running metaphor and associated instructions are applicable to just about any challenging life experience from grocery runs to plotting appointment of a female majority to the US Supreme Court.

About Amanda Upson

Unleashed in Denver, Colorado, Amanda Upson (Col ’95) began her film and media career in 2013 after fleeing big firm law practice and setting out for the wilder west of film production. Her outstanding reputation in the legal field and her unparalleled ability to get stuff done led to a serendipitous partnering with Little Turtle Pictures. Over the past 3,232 unbillable hours, she and her partners at Little Turtle Pictures have been responsible for developing the future of film and television’s most acclaimed features and series. Amanda excels at developing a strategy and revels in executing its details. After graduating from UVA in 1995, she earned her JD (cum laude) from Case Western Reserve University. She co-founded the Denver chapter of Mother Attorney Mentoring Association, which has grown to a mentoring and networking group of almost 250 attorneys. The best evidence of her persuasive abilities can be found on the days Amanda serves as Lunch Lady, when she convinces each kid passing through the line to eat two servings of vegetables.

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