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Design Your Dream Job: Even If You Don’t Know What You Want

Originally Aired
April 27, 2018
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Spencer Ingram, UVA Alumni Career Services

You want more from your career, but the thought of change feels totally overwhelming. Maybe you feel undervalued, bored, or burned out. Maybe you enjoy your job, but lack a path to advance. When it comes to making change, we are conditioned to see risk. But the greater risk is not taking one at all.

The hard truth is that most of us follow outdated rules and assumptions that hold us back. Join double ’Hoo Spencer Ingram for a refreshingly fun, step-by-step method to get unstuck and become confident in how you talk about what comes next in a way that gets people to help you succeed!

What you will learn:

● A framework to clarify what you want
● How to test-drive careers without taking big leaps
● Tactics to overcome common obstacles, fears, and anxieties
● Practices to expand your awareness of exciting opportunities
● Authentically connect with people who will power your success

About Spencer Ingram

Spencer Ingram, Engr ’08 and Grad ‘10, has spent the last decade using design practices to unlock the potential in ambitious students, nurse innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe. Today he is on a mission to empower career professionals and employers with a dynamic set of tools to help people defeat limiting beliefs and become the best versions of themselves.

He is a UVA double Hoo, HackCville founder and is co-author of the Looping Method with Brian LeDuc.

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