Use Your Business Skills to Succeed in Data Analytics

Originally Aired:
Mar 18, 2016

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Presented by:
Steve Riihimaki
Col '94

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Are you looking for a way to leverage your background into the burgeoning area of data science? A career in data analytics requires more than technical expertise – analysts must understand how their work affects the company’s business and be able to present findings to a non-technical group in order to succeed.

Data analytics is a rapidly growing field across many industries, including the insurance industry. Join Steve Riimahiki (Col ’94) as he discusses how liberal arts education and business experience enhances data analysts’ insight and effectiveness and outlines data analytics career paths available in the insurance industry. Steve will also present how GEICO analyzes risk, combining communication, business judgment and data analytics to make decisions that drive positive company results.

Presenter Bio:

Steve Riihimaki (Col ’94) is an Assistant Vice President at GEICO, the second largest auto insurance company in the US, where he heads Pricing Research, using actuarial, modeling and other techniques to understand GEICO’s business results. Joining GEICO in 1994 as an actuarial associate, Steve’s career has included pricing, reserving and product management roles. He is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society. Steve graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics and Economics and lives in Vienna, VA with his wife Cate (Educ ‘03) and their four young children.