Overcoming the 11 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking and Presentations

Originally Aired:
Sep 20, 2013

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Presented by:
Rob Biesenbach
Col '85

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Rob Biesenbach

Few things in your career are more important than the ability to present your ideas in clear and compelling terms. Solid presentation skills can help you win approval for your projects, close a sale with a customer, earn a raise, get a job, and polish your reputation in the marketplace.

In this engaging and information-packed session, Rob Biesenbach will give you practical advice on how to avoid the deadliest of presentation and public speaking sins, from listless delivery to lackluster content, from meandering stories to mundane visuals. You’ll learn how to create and deliver the kind of presentations that will make your colleagues and customers wake up and take notice! Whether you’re new to public speaking or feeling your skills could use some polish, you’ll come away with practical steps that will give you greater confidence when all eyes are on you.

Presenter Bio:

Rob Biesenbach (Col ’85) is a corporate communications expert, actor and author. He’s written hundreds of speeches for CEOs and other executives and is a professional speaker himself. He’s a former VP at Ogilvy PR and press secretary to a state attorney general, among other things. A Second City-trained actor and improviser, Rob has appeared in more than 150 stage and commercial productions. He brings these two worlds together in workshops and his book, Act Like You Mean Business: Essential Communication Lessons from Stage and Screen, published by Brigantine Media. At UVa, Rob majored in English and American Government, served as managing editor of the University Journal, and had the time of his life residing at 34 East Lawn.