Reunions Committees

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Reunions Committee Member. As a leader of your class, you have the power to motivate your classmates to reconnect with UVA and each other. A minimal time commitment is required, and your help will make a tremendous impact on the success of the weekend’s festivities. There are two ways to serve in honor of your Reunion: the Giving Committee and the Outreach Committee.

All Committee Members are expected to:

  • Stay informed throughout the year via email and 1-2 virtual meetings.
  • Serve as a connection point between your class and the University and/or the Alumni Association by sharing feedback and updates in both directions.
  • Have fun at your reunion! (No weekend-of responsibilities)
    • Classes of 1974-1994: May 31-June 2, 2024
    • Classes of 1999-2019: June 7-9, 2024

You can learn about specific committee responsibilities below.

Giving Committee Members work in partnership with the University’s Office of Reunion Giving to:

  • Support UVA by making a personal gift to any area of the University during the fiscal year (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024).
  • Help identify classmates who have the capacity to give a leadership gift ($2,500-$20,000+ per year or $1,000+ per year for younger alumni). You do not have to solicit these individuals, but if you can be influential in a gift, we’d love to know!
  • Giving Committee service takes place primarily between April and June 2023.

Join the Reunions 2024 Giving Committee

Outreach Committee Members work in partnership with the UVA Alumni Association to:

  • Connect with friends and classmates throughout the year to build excitement and encourage reunion attendance.
  • Consider hosting a reception during Reunions for a student activity group or CIO that you were part of.
  • Outreach Committee service takes place between summer 2023 and your reunion in June 2024. Invitations to serve on the Reunions 2024 Outreach Committee will be sent in summer 2023. At that time, an Outreach Committee RSVP form will be available here.

How we celebrate Committee Members:

One of the perks of serving as a committee member is the opportunity to reconnect with classmates in advance of your Reunion. Many committee members report a deeper sense of engagement and enjoyment during the weekend because of their work as a volunteer in the year prior. In addition to the warm and fuzzy feelings, here’s how we celebrate our committee members:

  • Recognition on the Reunions website
  • Invitation to an exclusive appreciation event during the weekend
  • Special gift at Reunions check-in
  • Credit on your UVA record for volunteer service to the University