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Alumni Hall

Honor the Future

Our strength is our community

As the University enters its third century, now is the time for innovation and a focus on impact. We want to strengthen the University’s foundation, cultivate the most vibrant community in higher education, and enable discoveries that enrich and improve lives. The Alumni Association joins the University in the Honor the Future Campaign with the goal of raising $65 million. Our campaign is organized on the four pillars that shape how we give back to our alumni and the University community – connect, serve, invest, inform.

We Connect

We connect alumni to each other and the University, helping them build meaningful relationships while providing unique opportunities to contribute to the place they once called home. We know that strong alumni communities develop from strong student communities, and that’s why the Alumni Association is here from day one for our future alumni. Our alumni population will grow 40% over the next twenty years and as it does, we need your financial support to ensure that our programs are accessible, timely, and inspiring for all alumni. Learn more:

We Serve

The connections and counsel that students receive on Grounds should extend to them as alumni beyond Grounds, and they do through the Alumni Association. We serve alumni and their families by meeting specific needs that we’re uniquely positioned to support. Our personalized, high-touch approach to these programs is above and beyond what our peer institutions are able to offer. Learn more:

We Invest

With the backing of our alumni, the Alumni Association cultivates a vibrant UVA community, enables discovery from within Grounds, and supports hundreds of students, both financially and through programs that enhance the collegiate and alumni experience. Learn more:

We Inform

We want to keep alumni informed, engaged, and inspired, while sharing alumni perspectives and priorities. With integrity, a reader-first focus and a growing pile of national awards, Virginia Magazine keeps alumni informed about their alma mater — and what sets it apart is the editorial independence that comes from being published by the self-governed Alumni Association. Learn more: