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Welcome to the online hub of the UVA Alumni Association’s College Compass program! Here you’ll find information on the college admissions process, SAT and ACT prep, resources for essay writing and so much more!

Whether you’re starting to explore your college options, preparing to choose your major and narrowing down your choices, or applying to your dream school, we’re here to help you on your university journey.

NewCollege Compass Toolkit
The College Compass Toolkit is a collection of organizers, tools, and resources to help alumni families better organize and plan for college.


(8th Grade, 9th Grade, Transfer)

Consider academic and extracurricular opportunities, and student support services.


(10th Grade, 11th Grade, Transfer)

Learn about how to present your strongest self.


(12th Grade, Transfer)

Plan how and when you’ll apply to college.

All Resources

Disclaimer: College Compass is a preparatory, informational service provided to alumni families and their children, and has no bearing on students’ outcome in the process.

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