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The webinars here are listed in reverse chronological order. Explore related topics by clicking the tags associated with a webinar.

Effective Communication in the Workplace: It’s All About H.E.A.R.T.

Regardless of your career, whether you’re an accountant, professional athlete, sales rep, teacher or government contractor, you have to be able to communicate well in order to obtain favorable...
Nov 16, 2012

Wine Across America: Realizing Jefferson’s Agrarian Dream

Thomas Jefferson’s passion for gardening and vision for American wine were prophetically in sync with the more recent locavore movement.  Jefferson’s observations on European wine culture and viticulture led...
Nov 2, 2012

Take Charge of Your Personal Brand

We all know products and organizations have a brand. In the global, connected market of today, leaders, executives, and professionals have a personal brand whether they realize it or...
Oct 19, 2012

Working with Today’s Executive Recruiters

Join Mark Caldwell, Associate Principal at Heidrick & Struggles, for an upfront discussion on the current executive search and talent acquisition industry, how executive recruiters identify candidates, and strategies for you to effectively connect with them.

Oct 5, 2012

Sell Yourself (Without Selling Out)

Are you a consultant, attorney, graphic designer, accountant, life coach, photographer, sales professional, or someone who sells their expertise? Are you a CEO selling a vision to your management...
Sep 21, 2012

Overcome Procrastination and Do Something Different…for a Change

Procrastination is the great thief of productivity and entices us to put off doing the very things that would move us toward the change we desire. Clinical psychologist, psychology...
Sep 7, 2012

Résumés that Land Interviews

Your resume is not a biography — it's a sales tool; wherever you are in your career, a well-crafted resume is essential to opening the doors to the opportunities...
Aug 17, 2012

Nonprofit Careers: Follow Your Passion and Make a Living

Can you follow your passion and still make a living? Teri Lovelace, ’82, Vice President of Philanthropic Services for The Community Foundation, has done exactly that, and she will help you explore careers in the non-profit sector that allow you to align your personal and professional values.

Aug 3, 2012

LinkedIn Olympics! Competing in Today’s Social Media Environment

Some people still aren’t on LinkedIn and others aren’t sure they are making the most of it. Safiya Edwards discusses alternative points of view on how to manage your LinkedIn participation and teaches you how to be strategic about LinkedIn.

Jun 22, 2012

Beyond the Job Title: The Value of Transferable Skills

What does your job title really mean? Does it convey all you can do? Avoid the trap of assuming your job title tells prospective employers what you know...
Jun 8, 2012

Do It Well. Make It Fun. The Key to Success in Life, Death, and Almost Everything in Between

Success, even in tough times, comes from showing up and doing an excellent job. It’s not rocket surgery! But most people do just enough to get by and then...
May 25, 2012

“Does My Laptop Fit in the Diaper Bag?” and Other Important Questions for Parents Returning to Work

Returning to work after taking care of your children can be an exciting – and overwhelming – venture. You may wonder “WHAT do I do next?” or “What CAN...
May 4, 2012

Earth Day 2.0: How Social Media is Making the World Greener

Want to do something green but not sure where to start? Need to build online support for your nonprofit but lack a social media strategy? Thinking about starting a...
Apr 20, 2012

Fiction & Memoir: 5 Ways to Write and 3 Paths to Publish

Do you have a story in you that wants to get told? Is it a novel, a short story, a memoir? So many of us have an inspiration or...
Mar 16, 2012

Strategic Interviewing: Becoming the Candidate of Choice

This webinar goes beyond the basics of what to wear and how to answer certain questions. Larry Braman takes a strategic look at interviewing, offering advice and specific examples...
Mar 12, 2012

A Journey to Exceptional Leadership

Take a moment and ask yourself, WHO AM I AS A LEADER? How do I affect the lives of those who follow and the communities that I serve? Join...
Feb 17, 2012

The Online Balancing Act: Build Your Reputation, Maintain Your Privacy

In the market for a new opportunity or building visibility towards a promotion? Chances are good your Google search results will be viewed with greater or equal scrutiny to...
Feb 3, 2012

Getting a Non-Fiction Literary Agent in a Changed Publishing World

If you would like a literary agent to represent your next book, then this is the webinar for you. Carole Sargent has guided authors to representation with tier-one literary...
Jan 20, 2012

Goal Achievement Made Fun

Make this the year you hit the sweet spot of success and accomplish your goals! Join Tim Chaney (Engr ’88) as he shares his unique approach to goal achievement:...
Jan 6, 2012

More than Salary: All About Compensation

If employment negotiation is in your future, or you’re newly entering the workforce, gather round while compensation expert Rod Kelly explains “total compensation”—salary or wages plus “incentives”—what companies provide...
Dec 12, 2011

Bouncing Back After Job Loss

If you or someone you know is seeking employment after a job loss, join William Chichester for an inspiring webinar on reinventing yourself, based on his perspective as a...
Nov 18, 2011

Twitter for Networking

Add Twitter to your toolkit for building professional networks! If you’re new to Twitter, or you’ve used it only for non-work-related purposes – this is the webinar with Katherine...
Nov 4, 2011

Act Like You Mean Business

A fun, engaging and informative presentation by Rob Biesenbach that will help you communicate more successfully at work, in the marketplace and in your everyday interactions.
Oct 21, 2011