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If you have been selected for an interview, your resume has successfully demonstrated your qualifications for the job. Congratulations! The next step is to prove in the interview that you can do the job the way the employer wants it done.

Every job is really about solving problems. Succeed in the interview by providing proof of your capabilities and experience that directly relates to solving the employer’s problems and shows your fit for the organization.

Use specific examples of your skills, experience and accomplishments when responding to questions. Specifics provide the evidence of your ability to do the job, and help the interviewer paint a mental picture of how you will solve their problems. Think “for example” each time you respond to a question.

Mock Interview Practice

Interview Tips, Hints, and Instructions

Interview Questions and Answers

  • Glass Door: free registration gets you company-specific interview questions.
  • Interview Cheat Sheet: A simple but effective worksheet for you to use before an interview (from Career Lab).

Remote Interviews

Dress for Success