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Demystifying Venture Capital

Hollywood has placed a fun spotlight on the venture capital industry, with shows like Shark Tank and Silicon Valley. Recent headlines have also exposed some less admirable sides of the real Silicon Valley. Join Paul Nolde (Col ’01), a Director at venture capital firm NRV, as he discusses how he broke into the business, what […]

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Solving the Retirement Puzzle

Today’s workers are being asked to do more of their own retirement planning than any generation before them due to the ongoing decline of pensions and the rise of 401(k) plans. Unfortunately, many people are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, and their fear often fuels paralysis and inaction. Evan Powers, CFP® (Darden ’09) […]

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New Hire Paperwork: What Every Employee Needs to Know

Completing that mountain of paperwork for human resources can be confusing and a little overwhelming no matter how many jobs you’ve had. Join Malia Fischer as she unveils the mysteries behind what you need to fill out and why. She’ll walk you through the usual suspects: tax forms, the I-9, 401k’s, and insurance forms. In […]

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Explore Your Financial Goals and Define Your American Dream

Do your life goals include home ownership, retirement, entrepreneurship, graduate school, a new career, children, or family and career balance? Each of those goals require financial strategies in order to become reality. Join J.B. Bryan in an engaging and practical discussion on: getting to know your financial self, setting financial goals that fit your life […]