Résumé, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Reviews

Career advising appointments may be used for review of your résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Document Reviews

We review résumés, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles as part of our advising services. Document reviews require a preliminary advising appointment to discuss your goals and experience, and they provide the reviewer with additional context.

Résumés and cover letters must be tailored to a specific job description, which needs to be included for the review. Your documents are then read and critiqued offline during a separate appointment slot, with feedback provided by email.

LinkedIn profile reviews require some context about the type of role and usual job requirements you are pursuing.

Please visit UVAlumniJOBS to schedule your preliminary advising session.  After (or during) your first advising session, your advisor will direct you to schedule your document review(s) in the system.  Please note the following requirements and limitations for document reviews:

  • Allow 1 advising appointment per 1 page résumé and ¾ to 1 page cover letter, with a maximum of 2 advising appointments per client per week. Résumés or CVs longer than 2 pages may require an additional appointment(s).
  • Clients may have up to 2 upcoming appointments in the system at one time; more can be scheduled as others are completed.
  • Documents must be submitted in MSWord and résumés/cover letters must include the job description to which they have been tailored.
  • Documents are reviewed offline; the reviewer provides feedback via email.
  • LinkedIn profiles are reviewed offline; the reviewer provides feedback via email.