Alumni Association

Faulders to retire as UVA Alumni Association President

After nearly 11 years as president and CEO of the University of Virginia Alumni Association, Tom Faulders (Col ’71) announced plans to retire in June.

Young Alumni Council

Young Alumni Council Seeking New Members

Young Alumni Council is seeking alumni from the undergraduate classes of 2006–2017 who are passionate about optimizing the post-grad experience for young alumni. Nominate by 2/5/17. Apply by 3/5/17.

Jefferson Trust

Jefferson Trust 2015/16 Annual Report

This report highlights some of the many Jefferson Trust success stories and the impact the Trust has made in 2015/16.

UVA Magazine

’Hoo Are You?

The University of Virginia has more than 230,000 living alumni. Take a look at how alumni demographics have changed over the past six decades, as well as where alumni live and what they do professionally.