YAC Initiatives

For the 2019-2020 year, Young Alumni Council is focused on these initiatives.

The most recent updates from our fall meeting are below:

Career Services

Project purpose: The Career Services & Grad Schools Initiative will look to (1) understand the needs of U.Va.’s young alumni with respect to career development, (2) understand and enhance the university’s current offerings to engage young alumni in their career development, and (3) identify opportunities to build sustainable programs that best marshal university resources to meet the career development needs of young alumni.

Our focus for the next year will be to host two  Young Alumni Speaker events (one in DC and one in NYC). These events will be held in close partnership with ACS. This series will involve young alumni speakers that talk in region about a specific inflection point or marker in time for their career, similar to our event held Feb 2019 in San Francisco. 

Additional opportunities to partner with ACS and University Career Services would be social media campaigns, participating in the ACS professional networks, helping with Candid Career initiatives, etc…

YAC Endowment

Project purpose: To provide financial stability for YAC as well as allow the Alumni Assoc. some flexibility of funds currently used to fund the council.

Alumni Engagement

Project purpose: Our purpose is to assist the Alumni Association’s young alumni engagement efforts by providing feedback and a diverse young alumni constituency perspective on both an ongoing and an ad hoc basis. We will do this by (1) helping guide the implementation of a multi-year audience segmentation and messaging plan, the goal of which is to develop data-driven strategies the University can use to personalize young alumni engagement outreach by harnessing existing data and systems, and (2) to create a system through which YAC members can easily view past and upcoming engagement efforts, provide feedback, and facilitate ideation between in-person meetings.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Project purpose: 

  • Identify young alumni that provide a broader and more robust representation of the UVA student/alumni experience.
  • Provide Alumni Hall with a directory of young alumni to support marketing and communication efforts in telling the untold stories of the UVA student/alumni experience.
  • Engage young alumni from diverse communities who may not already be engaged with YAC and/or the Alumni Association.

Project purpose: The objective of the Social Media and Marketing project is to increase Alumni engagement by helping to disseminate UVa news and important information. More specifically, we are focused on keeping young alumni engaged with the university. Initially, we operated UVa Young Alumni social media accounts, but we are transitioning to sharing ideas with the Alumni Association for their UVA Alumni accounts. In addition to helping with the social media accounts, we’re sharing ideas from the young alumni perspective for their marketing campaigns.

Service Award

Project purpose: The purpose of this project is to recognize 2 members of the UVA alumni community for their commitment and dedication to service benefitting the University.

Since its founding in 1995, Young Alumni Council has created and piloted a number of programs and initiatives aimed at serving the University’s young alumni population. These include:

address What’s Next? student to alumni transition program
CavsCareV Cavaliers Care worldwide alumni volunteer program
Contest to Change (C2C) annual giving initiative
tiki-barber The Barber Challenge annual giving initiative
yar_landingpage.01 Young Alumni Reunions
Giving ToHoosDay 2016 Giving ToHoosDay