YAC Initiatives

Since its founding in 1995, Young Alumni Council has created and piloted a number of programs and initiatives aimed at serving the University’s young alumni population. These include:

address What’s Next? student to alumni transition program
CavsCareV Cavaliers Care worldwide alumni volunteer program
Contest to Change (C2C) annual giving initiative
tiki-barber The Barber Challenge annual giving initiative
yar_landingpage.01 Young Alumni Reunions
Giving ToHoosDay 2016 Giving ToHoosDay

For the 2018-2019 year, Young Alumni Council is focused on five initiatives. The most recent updates from our fall meeting are below:

Career Services
  • Project: Graduate School & Career Services for Young Alumni
  • Purpose:
    • Understand the needs of UVA’s young alumni with respect to career development
    • Understand and enhance the university’s current offerings to engage young alumni in their career development, and
    • Identify opportunities to build sustainable programs that best marshal university resources to meet the career development needs of young alumni.
    • In the past, alumni-to-alumni mentoring, graduate school selection / application, and networking have all been identified as interest areas for this population, but we are in need of more data to better assess how we can truly make an impact
  • Updates:
    • Developing White Paper on relationships of University stakeholders, mentoring & regional event programs, online database/electronic content, behaviors and interests of Young Alumni
    • Collaborating with Alumni Career Services and University Career Center to align on goals/direction
    • Developing strategies for Alumni Interest Groups & Alumni-to-Alumni mentoring
Social Media
  • Purpose:
    • Communicate and connect with young alumni online and to assist University stakeholders in disseminating information relevant to young alumni.
  • Updates:
    • Continuing to reach out to obtain content for young alumni spotlight series
    • Achieved 2,000 Facebook followers, 200 Twitter followers, and 400 Instagram followers on UVA young alumni pages; continuing to develop ways to grow follower counts
    • Developing YAC “content area experts” and guides to assist sharing of expert content
    • Beginning digital media partnership with Virginia Magazine
Diversity and Inclusion
  • Purpose:
    • Develop programming that will enhance levels of equality and inclusion on intercultural fluency throughout the University & alumni community.
    • Assist the Alumni Association in broadening its education and outreach to underrepresented populations.
    • Deepen dialogue around cultural differences, privilege, and power to better help the Alumni Association engage all students, alumni, and friends.
  • Updates:
    • Held In-Person D&I Task Force meeting with alumni and students
    • Developing definitions of diversity/inclusion pillars
    • Conducting interviews with university programs and departments
  • Purpose:
    • Help the University better understand what drives young alumni to give, how to make that relationship meaningful to alumni and useful to the University, how to cultivate and foster those relationships, and how to steward them after the fact.
  • Updates:
    • Working with Alumni Association to understand current Young Alumni giving solicitation
    • Developing action items on how to improve Young Alumni solicitation – when and how