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On-Air with Greg & Tierney Fairchild

Greg Fairchild (DAR ’92) and Tierney Fairchild (DAR ’94, GSAS ’96) joined On-Air with UVA to discuss “Why First Chances Matter.”  They shared how high-quality business programs taught in prisons by MBA students from the Darden School of Business improves employment outcomes, reentry success, and breaking the cycle of incarceration for returning citizens.

Find the audio recording here.

Resilience Education believes in First Chances
Greg Fairchild is the Academic Director and Cofounder of Resilience Education, and Tierney Fairchild is the Executive Director and Cofounder of Resilience Education. Resilience Education equips students with the confidence, capability, and connections that empower them when they return home. Still, the reality is that even the most resilient of our community struggle with the stigmatization that awaits them. That is why Resilience Education believes in first chances. A first chance means you can access high-quality educational offerings that, upon release, put you on a more equal footing – with access to professional resources, opportunities to dream, and a supportive community that lifts you up. A chance to make a mistake, to learn from it, and move forward.

Did you know that 80% of people released from prison return within five years? Learn more about Resilient Education in the Washington Post article about the new bipartisan law that extends Pell Grant eligibility to help the incarcerated successfully reenter society. You can also learn more about Resilience Education at resilience-education.org.

Read the RAND study on the effectiveness of correctional education Greg Fairchild mentioned during the broadcast.