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On-Air with Edward Hess

On-Air with UVA was joined by Edward Hess (LAW ’71), the Professor of Business Administration, a Batten Executive-in-Residence, and a Batten Faculty Fellow, for a discussion on “Hyper-Learning: The #1 Human Skill Needed to Excel in the Digital Age.”

As Professor Hess noted, technology will continue to transform how we live and how we work. Technology will accelerate the pace of change and the pace of knowledge creation. Human beings will be in a race to stay ahead of automation. That race will require us to excel at Hyper-Learning: continuous learning – unlearning and relearning in order for us to add value in ways the technology can’t. The conversation delved into what this means for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Listen to On-Air with Ed Hess and learn about Hyper-Learning

To learn more about Hyper-Learning, you can purchase Professor Hess’ newest book, “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change,” here. When you buy the book, you can then go to Professor Hess’ website www.edhess.org and register to download a 143 page “My Hyper-Learning Journal” for free. This journal is used for the book’s Reflection Times and the Workshop deliverables.

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