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On-Air with Karen McGlathery


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Karen McGlathery joined On-Air with UVA to discuss “Natural Solutions to Climate Change” and the solutions UVA researchers are designing for ‘blue’ carbon systems, like underwater seagrass meadows, that are a key part of this strategy for climate mitigation. Karen McGlathery is a Professor of Environmental Sciences, the Director of UVA’s Environmental Resilience Institute, and the Director of the Virginia Coast Reserve Long Term Ecological Research program.

Learn more about UVA’s seagrass restoration project:  http://seagrass.virginia.edu/
As well as the Environmental Resilience Institute’s Climate Restoration Initiative: https://eri.virginia.edu/restore/

Karen McGlathery’s research focuses on the effects of climate and land use change on coastal marine ecosystems. Her collaborative work with NGOs, universities and regional stakeholders addresses the resilience of coastal habitats, especially in the context of decisions for coastal adaptation to sea-level rise and storms. McGlathery’s group was the first to show the role of seagrass restoration in reinstating ‘blue carbon’ storage in coastal ecosystems. In addition to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, she and her students have worked in New England, Florida, Bermuda, Denmark, New Zealand, and Mozambique. She teaches courses in Global Coastal Change, Coastal Resilience, Water and Watershed Resilience, Estuarine Ecology, Coastal Oceanography, and Conservation. She serves on the Board of the Foundation of the Virginia State Arboretum and the Research and Education Advisory Committee of Virginia Sea Grant. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University.