Hoo Needs Help

Providing support through the UVA Strong Fund

While our entire community has suffered profound loss in the wake of November 13, we recognize that some students have been particularly impacted by the horrific shooting.

The UVA Strong Fund, a University-wide community effort established and administered by the UVA Alumni Association, is partnering with Hoo Needs Help to provide services and assistance to students in the wake of the tragedy.

Possible expenses covered by the UVA Strong Fund are below.

Please note: Students can submit reimbursement for bills already incurred or those likely to be incurred based on the nature of the tragedy.

  • Mental health and/or counseling
  • Other medical conditions following the tragedy (e.g., ailments caused or exacerbated by stress/trauma)
  • Unanticipated travel
  • Other basic needs that have to be covered resulting from the tragedy
  • Other needs not listed above


  • Students who have been contacted by their support dean and made aware of this application form.
  • Students currently enrolled in any program at UVA.
  • Students who complete all questions in full and submit required supporting documentation when necessary.

The UVA Alumni Association is a tax-exempt charitable organization that is separate and independent from the University of Virginia. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the UVA Alumni Association must make payments based on demonstrated needs. This means that students filling out the application will be asked in Question 7 on the form to describe what need (either immediate or financial) resulting from the November 13 tragedy the funds will address.

Hoo Needs Help is a partnership between the Division of Student Affairs and Student Financial Services. We do our best to contact students within one week of application submission. Response times may be longer than usual over weekends, holidays, or when the University is not in session. After a student submits their application, someone will reach out to you with the results of your request.

Fill out the Hoo Needs Help form here