A People-to-People Educational Exchange

Historically rich, culturally diverse, environmentally magnificent. For decades, the Caribbean’s largest island—roughly 90 miles away from U.S. soil—has been but a mystery, perceived through secondhand sources and beyond the grasp of most American travelers. Now that People-to-People exchanges are possible, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey that reveals Cuba’s complex history and culture. This trip is specially designed to broaden your understanding of this nation of stark contradictions molded by a turbulent past. Time seems to stand still as you watch vintage 1950s-era automobiles roll along cobbled streets past beautifully preserved Spanish colonial buildings. As the hub for economic and political heritage, Havana presents an ideal setting to interact with local citizens and uncover new perspectives. You will gain insight into the country’s thriving arts community through discussions with independent artists and visits to performing arts schools and studios. You’ll also journey beyond the spirited capital to fertile tobacco and sugar cane fields that permeate the countryside revealing a glimpse into rural Cuban life. Along the southern coastline, you’ll visit the beautifully preserved colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos—both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This exclusive opportunity to explore Cuba is organized and operated by Go Next, Inc., which holds a People-to-People license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), authorizing registered travelers on this educational exchange program to visit Cuba. Go Next invites you to personally experience the people, culture, landscape and architecture of this distinct Caribbean nation on a week-long journey developed for University of Virginia Alumni Association.

With an intimate group of just 25 travelers, you will share enriching activities that illuminate the realities of Cuban citizens, providing an ideal gateway into their daily lives. Through informative and educational People-to-People exchanges, you will uncover Cuba’s lush beauty, paradoxes and remarkable intrigue on this unforgettable adventure. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of a fascinating country through its most candid, inspiring source—its people.

Program Highlights

Small group limited to 25 participants.

Special Note: Please be aware that due to the nature of the program, we expect this itinerary,activities and locations to change based on government schedules. The final itinerary is confirmed 30 days prior to departure whence changes could still occur onsite.


  • Take a walking tour of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with timeless Spanish colonial buildings, churches and palm-fringed plazas.
  • Connect with faculty at the University of Havana*, Cuba’s oldest university and one of the first established in the Americas, and discuss the Cuban higher-education system.
  • Tour the former residence of the Governors of Havana (Palacio de los Capitanes Generales), a Cuban Baroque mansion and museum which showcases colonial-era art and artifacts.
  • Gain insight into Cuba’s film industry and culture at the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry, created in 1959 to improve the quality of Cuban films—focusing on education and artistic expression.
  • Visit the District of Alamar, a 1970s social housing project of Soviet-style concrete apartments—that today is home to thousands of Cubans.
  • Chat with locals about organic farming at Organopónico Vivero Alamar, one of Havana’s largest and most successful cooperative urban gardens.
  • See how art can transform a neighborhood at Muraleando, a vibrant community outreach project founded by local residents.
  • Travel south of Havana to Las Terrazas, a self-sustaining community and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, surrounded by lush, forested hills.
  • Get a rare glimpse into rural Cuba’s medical services at a local clinic.
  • Sample coffee at Café Maria, where the owner and her family welcome visitors and explain the role of coffee in Cuba’s culture.
  • Learn about independent artist Lester Campa’s unique paper recycling process at his private studio.
  • Visit the home of renowned ceramicist and painter, José Rodríguez Fuster, known as the “Picasso of the Caribbean.” See how his creative vision has transformed the local neighborhood into a colorful, artistic landscape.
  • Interact with children at a primary school* and engage with administrators and teachers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Cuba’s educational system.
  • See the fishing village of Cojimar, the setting for Ernest Hemingway’s book The Old Man and the Sea, and visit Finca Vigía, the mansion where he lived from 1939-1960.
  • Meet with independent Cuban booksellers at a used book market and learn about the culture and impact of literature on society.
  • At dinners held in privately-owned restaurants or private homes known as paladares, hear first-hand from the owners about the entrepreneurial climate in Cuba.


  • Admire the colonial architecture of Cienfuegos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Pearl of the South,” and see the Punta Gorda Peninsula.
  • Meet with a local choir or visit an art school and discuss the role of art and music in Cuban society.


  • Take in the charms of Trinidad, a Spanish colonial town and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Learn about traditional ceramic techniques at the Casa del Alfarero, a pottery house founded and operated by the Santander family for generations.
  • Visit the beautifully restored 18th-century Hacienda de Manaca Iznaga, located in the Valley de los Ingenios, once a center for sugar production, and see its exhibition of plantation life in the days of slavery.
  • Tour a bed and breakfast where you will learn about this new entrepreneurial opportunity for Cubans, a business typically operated by the state.
  • Join a Santeria practioner at the Templo de Yemaya, and delve into the history and basic principles of this Afro-Cuban religion.
  • Enjoy dinner in a private home (paladar), where you can meet with a multigenerational family and experience a bit of local daily life.


  • See the picturesque town of Sancti Spiritus, home to Cuba’s oldest church and one of the original seven Cuban cities founded by the Spanish.
  • Visit a ration store where the store manager will explain rationing, the two currency system and the difference between Ration Stores, Cuban Peso Stores and CUC stores.
  • Witness how a variety of produce, meat and local products are displayed and sold with visits to an outdoor food market and industrial goods market.


  • Enjoy dance, theater and music performances by the students at the Santa Clara Music and Performing Arts School, and hear how the performing arts have influenced Cuban life.
  • Stop at the Museum and Mausoleum of Che Guevara (time permitting).


Fred Diehl, Professor of Biology Emeritus

Fred Diehl is an emeritus faculty member in the Department of Biology at the University of Virginia and has over 30 years experience teaching biology at all levels. His research and teaching interests are mainly in the areas of zoology, developmental biology, ecology and marine sciences, with a specialization in invertebrate biology. Whenever possible, field experiences and laboratories have been important components of his courses, and he is a firm believer in learning from direct observation and first-hand exposure to nature. Professor Diehl has a long history of working with the Advanced Placement Biology program and in-service teacher preparation. His proudest accomplishment as a faculty member at the University of Virginia is having taught a variety of courses to over 25,000 undergraduate students. Fred has lead past Cavalier Travels trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Botswana, Tanzania and the Galápagos Islands


Day 1 - March 5


Check-in – 3PM

Crowne Plaza Miami International Airport
950 NW LeJeune Road, Miami FL 33126
P: 305-446-9000

Shuttle Service – Upon arrival in Miami, you will collect luggage from the first floor baggage claim. Proceed upstairs to Departure Level and exit any of the terminal doors. Wait curbside for the shuttle which is clearly signed with the “Crowne Plaza Miami Airport” name and is red & white in color. The shuttle departs the hotel every 20 minutes on the hour. The driver stops for guests in much the same way as you would “wave” to a taxi. You do not need to call ahead or reserve the shuttle.

Parking – for local guests or those driving to Miami – parking is $13 per day

Check-in – 3PM


7PM – 8PM – conference room. All guests are required to attend this “Know Before You Go” meeting being held at the hotel. During this meeting we will discuss the charter check-in process, travel documents, schedule and an overview of traveling in Cuba.

Local Representative in MIAMI: Amit Ariel – Amit will be onsite in the evening to conduct the pre-travel meeting. In addition, she will assist with morning transfers and be with our group at the airport to provide charter check-in support.

Day of Travel Emergency Phone Number: (800) 842-9023 – If you have any flight delays on the day you are traveling to Miami, please contact Go Next directly.

Day 2 - March 6

Miami - Havana

We will have an eary morning chartered flight to Havana. After your flight, transfer directly to Old Havana and begin your sightseeing of Cuba’s capital by first visiting the Plaza de la Revolucion. Have lunch at La Barca Restaurant located along the Malecon in Old Havana. After lunch, enjoy a walking tour through the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana as you immerse yourself in the colors and sounds of Cuba which surround you. Explore the used Booksellers Market, a cross-cultural treasure trove for readers of every genre. Meet local independent booksellers and engage in friendly conversation with Cuban readers about popular Cuban and American literature should the opportunity present itself. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit a Cuban housing community project before checking into our hotel. Welcome Dinner at the hotel this evening.
Accommodations: Parque Central
Meals: Lunch, Dinner (L,D)

Day 3 - March 7

Havana, Finca Vigia, Alamar, Cojimar & Muraleando

After breakfast we visit the Cemetery of Christopher Columbus before we “join the footsteps” of Ernest Hemingway in Havana. We are then off to the District of Alamar on the outskirts of Havana. Started as an expansive social housing project in the 1970’s, these Soviet-style pre-fabricated concrete apartment blocks are now home to hundreds of thousands of Cubans. Visit a community garden, called Organoponicos, where residents grow fruit, vegetables and herbs for their own consumption and local sale. Similar to a co-op in the United States, these Organoponicos facilitate community development and offer Alamar’s residents access to fresh produce.

We drive to Finca Vigia, Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba retreat where he lived between 1939 and 1960 before continuing to Paladar El Ajiaco for lunch located in the small fishing village of Cojimar which was the setting for The Old Man and the Sea. After lunch we will visit the impoverished yet vibrant barrio of Havana known as Muraleando. Founded in 2001 by several Cuban artists, Muraleando is an ongoing cultural and social community art project. The project arose mainly in response to the community’s concern over rising crime rates and a neighborhood physically deteriorating. A small but devoted group of artists volunteer their time and skills to help establish a center for arts, music, dance and theatre, to engage the young and old alike in the neighborhood.

Tonight, we meet a Cuban expert who will lead an open discussion on current day tendencies of the Cuban economy and recent changes announced by the government in terms of free enterprise.

Dinner will be served at Paladar La California – located in Central Havana.  Be prepared for some live Cuban music and bring your dancing shoes.
Parque Central  (B, L, D)

Day 4 - March 8

Havana , Las Terrazas & "Fusterlandia"

Depart for Las Terrazas in ARTEMISA Province, a “must see” in Cuba and known worldwide for its magnificent scenic beauty.

Las Terrazas was founded shortly after the Cuban Revolution in 1959 as a model community, where local farmers known as campesinos, moved closer together in order to help each other overcome the hardships of sleeping in huts with thatched roofs, of living without electricity and without local schools or medical services. Las Terrazas is now part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve, much of it reforested coffee plantation. Real reforestation began in the late 1960s by the local farmers (campesinos) who were concerned that their land had been degraded by former French coffee barons.

First, a brief stop at the Clinica Las Terrazas to learn how medical services are handled in rural Cuba. Cuban locals visit this small, multi-purpose center for medical advice, often non-traditional and homeopathic, and for referrals to larger medical centers in the city, dental care by the area’s sole dentist, and even a haircut by the town hairdresser, with whom the space is also shared.

Next, we’ll visit the oldest member of the community, Maria. She is the sole proprietor of the town’s only coffee shop, Café Maria, where she and her family have been welcoming visitors for years to enjoy the “best coffee in the country.” Discuss coffee culture in Cuba and throughout the world and how cafes act as places for social interaction. Visit the private art studio and home of Lester Campa when he is in residence.

Today you will be treated to an authentic, country-style Cuban lunch prepared and served outdoors at a local farmhouse near Las Terrazas. En route back to Havana we have the distinct pleasure of visiting “Fusterlandia”, the home and surrounding neighborhood of “The Picasso of the Caribbean”, Jose Fuster. Starting with a small wooden home as his canvas, Mr. Fuster has turned his dream into reality and transformed not just his own home but the entire neighborhood into a unique and colorful artistic landscape. Using the money he makes from selling his artwork, Jose adorns the community with sculptures and mosaics galore. This evening we will have dinner at Paladar Decameron.
Parque Central (B, L, D)

Day 5 - March 9

Havana, Santa Clara & Sancti Spiritus

Shortly after breakfast this morning we depart Havana and drive along Cuba’s “autopista” to visit the town of Santa Clara. Time permitting we will stop at the Che Guevarra Museum and Mausoleum.

Lunch will be served buffet style in the Los Cayenes Hotel in Santa Clara. After lunch we enjoy a special visit to the Santa Clara Music and Performing Arts School, with dance, theater and music performances by the students. Participate in a discussion with faculty and students about the role of music and education in the USA, and the impact of music on Cuban life. Should this school not be available, or in session, during your trip, an equally enjoyable and interesting visit to another community project will be substituted.

We arrive in Sancti Spiritus late this afternoon. Time permitting our guide leads us on a stroll of the town’s main square and the surrounding streets of this delightful Cuban town. Dinner will be served at Meson de la Plaza in Sancti Spiritus.
Hotel Plaza (B, L, D)

Day 6 - March 10

Sancti Spiritus & Trinidad

After breakfast we journey to Trinidad to visit the Casa del Alfarero, a pottery house that was founded and has been managed by the Santander family for generations. You will learn the process of ceramic production and have the opportunity to create a piece of your own.

Visit one of Trinidad’s many “Casas Particulares” (bed and breakfasts), where you’ll enjoy a tour and a discussion with the owners. Learn how bed and breakfasts are one of Cuba’s new entrepreneurial opportunities in a society where the state typically owns most enterprises. Ask questions and share insights about US businesses, including the ever popular bed and breakfasts that are ubiquitous in the US.

Continue to Templo de Yemaya where a Santeria Practitioner, along with some of the religion’s devotees explains the basic principles of Santeria. Discuss the role of religion and religious organizations throughout both Cuba and the US.

Enjoy lunch at Paladar Davimart in Trinidad. Drive to the beautifully restored Hacienda de Manaca Iznaga, located in the heart of the Valley de los Ingenios, a series of valleys once known as a Cuba’s center for sugar production. Built in the late 1700s, the mansion displays an exhibition of paintings depicting the lives of slaves on sugar plantations. Dinner tonight is at Paladar “El 19” in Sancti Spiritus.
Hotel Plaza (B, L, D)

Day 7 - March 11

Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos & Havana

After breakfast we depart Sancti Spiritus and drive to Cienfuegos. We begin our day with the rare opportunity to visit the Choir of Cienfuegos or the Chamber Orchestra. We also explore the town’s main square and a Cuban ration store where we meet the store manager who explains rationing and Cuba’s two currency system.

Lunch will be at Paladar Villa Lagarto overlooking the Bay of Cienfuegos. After lunch we head back to Havana arriving late this afternoon and check into our hotel. This evening you are free and on your own to explore Havana.
Parque Central (B, L)

Day 8 - March 12


We begin our day to the University of Havana Central Campus to learn more about Cuba’s higher education system. The university steps make a great group photo opportunity. Next, a short visit to the colorful Callejon de Hamel, one of the shortest but most interesting streets in Havana. See the prolific murals that adorn the neighborhood and reflect the culture and religious beliefs of this area. This morning we also visit a primary school (ages 5-12) located in Old Havana. Interact with the children and participate in a discussion session with some of the school’s administrators and teachers about Cuba’s education system and how it compares to that of the United States. We venture for the remainder of the morning at the Artisan’s Market which is located on the Malecon in Old Havana.

Lunch will be served at El Aljibe Restaurant in the Miramar section of Havana. This open-air restaurant is famous for its delicious chicken. After lunch, we are off to visit the artist studio project Galleria La Lavenderia. Our farewell dinner this evening is only a short walk from our hotel at the lovely Paladar Atelier.
Parque Central (B, L, D)

Day 9 - March 13

Havana - Miami

After included breakfast, bid farewell to Cuba. Our guide will meet us in the hotel lobby. Hotel check-out and transfer to the airport. (B)

Depart Havana on CHARTER AIRLINE
Check-in for your charter flight at Jose Marti International Airport, Terminal 2.

The charter is projected to arrive in Miami by approximately 1:00pm. Please allow 3-4 hours in Miami to go through U.S. Customs/Immigration, luggage retrieval and check-in procedures for your domestic flight. Return flights to your home gateway should not be booked any earlier than 5:00pm.


Parque Central Hotel – Havana

Positioned in the cultural center of Old Havana is the Parque Central Hotel, ideally located in the lovely Central Park area, near the historic Plaza de la Catedral, the Capitol and the Havana Harbor.

Hotel Plaza – Sancti Spiritus

Standing in the old quarter of Sancti Spiritus, near the 16th-century Parroquial Mayor—one of Cuba’s oldest churches—is Hotel Plaza, offering a memorable and authentic Cuban hotel experience. Originally built in the 19th century as a family mansion, this quaint hotel has been completely renovated to reflect its former colonial style.

The accommodations used in our Cuban Discovery program will be comfortable; however, please be aware that Cuban hotels may not reflect the same standards and amenities
found in the United States. We have selected hotel accommodations that are centrally located and provide the best amenities. While unlikely, slight changes to the itinerary
and accommodations may occur due to Cuban Government directives.


20 meals: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners

Program Fees

$5,795 per person, double occupancy, Air Inclusive from Miami, FL
A limited number of single rooms are available for a supplement of $900 per person, double occupancy rates.

Price includes:

Small group limited to 25 participants.

In Miami:

  • 1 night at the Crowne Plaza Miami International Airport hotel or similar accommodations
  • Pre-travel meeting at group hotel
  • Exclusive local representative

In Cuba:

  • Round-trip chartered jet service between Miami and Havana
  • 7 nights’ accommodations: 5 nights in Havana, 2 nights in Sancti Spiritus
  • 20 meals: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners, including a welcome and farewell dinner in Havana (one local beverage is included with each meal)
  • Transportation via private, A/C vehicles with 2 bottles of water per person, per day
  • Full schedule of educational activities that result in meaningful interaction with the locals
  • Informative program of cultural and educational exchanges
  • All entrance fees to included tour sites
  • Private English speaking national guide
  • Exclusive Go Next program manager
  • Gratuities for restaurant staff, local guides and drivers, and luggage handling
  • Cuban travel insurance covering medical repatriation expenses only, as required by the Cuban Government, valid only during your stay in Cuba

 Does not include:

  • Airfare between home and Miami
  • Passport fees
  • Cuban visa fee of approximately $75
  • Cuban departure tax (currently $25)
  • Beverages other than those included with meals as indicated
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional travel insurance
  • Baggage fees
  • Other items not specifically mentioned as included

General Terms & Conditions

Go Next, Inc. (hereinafter GN), located at 8000 West 78th Street, Suite 345, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439-2538, in return for full payment by you of the amounts specified, is responsible to arrange for the transportation, accommodations and other services specified as included in this brochure as and to the extent you have selected them, and subject to the following terms and conditions. Unless expressly specified as included by this brochure, services, taxes and fees are not included.

RESPONSIBILITY: GN is responsible to you for arranging all included transportation, accommodations and other services. However, in the absence of negligence on its part, GN and the affinity group (hereinafter AG) for which this program was developed are not responsible for personal injury, property damage, or any other loss, claim or damage arising out of or related to goods or services offered or included. GN and the AG for which this program was developed are not responsible for personal injury, property damage or any other loss, claim or damage related to or arising out of, in whole or in part, the acts or omissions of any direct air carrier, hotel, ground operator, or other person not its direct employee or not under its exclusive control supplying any services or providing any goods offered or included. GN and the AG for which this program was developed are not responsible for personal injury, property damage or any other loss, claim or damage arising out of, either in whole or in part, acts of God, weather, labor strife, government actions, mechanical breakdowns, war-like acts, terroristic activities or other causes reasonably beyond the respective control of GN and the AG for which this program was developed. GN and the AG for which this program was developed are not responsible for incidental or consequential losses or damages.

Neither GN nor the AG for which this program was developed are responsible for any penalty, loss or inconvenience resulting from air or land arrangements made independently by travelers, including non-refundable conditions, restricted travel or frequent flyer tickets.

TRAVELER RESPONSIBILITY: GN has been issued a specific license by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (hereinafter OFAC) to organize and conduct a program consisting of a fulltime schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba. U.S. law requires that all participants adhere to this full-time schedule of activities, and imposes on GN the obligation to ensure such adherence. By registering, I/we confirm and agree to adhere (without deviation) to the itinerary submitted by GN and approved by OFAC. In the event any traveler does not adhere to this full-time schedule, GN will require the traveler to leave the travel program and may result in legal penalties for the traveler. OFAC may require the submission of a report from each participant concerning the activities undertaken pursuant to GN’s license. Each participant is required to keep a record of all transactions undertaken pursuant to GN’s license for a period of at least five years from the date of travel.

PAYMENT: A deposit in the amount shown on the reservation form and a signed agreement for each person is required to secure reservations. Final payment is due as shown on the reservation form. If space is fully booked, your payment will be returned or, with your authorization, your name placed on a waiting list. ALL CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE AS INDICATED ON THE RESERVATION FORM. CONFIRMATION IS SUBJECT TO RECEIPT BY GN OF DEPOSIT AND A SIGNED AGREEMENT.


AIR TRANSPORTATION: Airfares are capacity controlled and may have restrictive terms and conditions. Participants who make their domestic airline reservations with Go Next will be responsible for any airline fees or penalties incurred as a result of program cancellation and/or change in travel dates, or airline schedule(s). After tickets are issued, penalties up to 100% of the ticket may be assessed by the airlines if reservations are changed or canceled after ticketing. Travel participants who choose to make their own domestic airline reservations independent of Go Next, will be wholly responsible for any airline fees or penalties incurred as a result of program cancellation and/or change in travel dates, or airline schedule(s). GN reserves the right to specify the international charter air carrier and routing. Some airline-imposed fees may be additional, including but not limited to baggage, priority boarding, and special seating.


AIRCRAFT BOARDING: The air carrier reserves the right to substitute equipment but is not obliged to do so. GN reserves the right to substitute air carriers but is not obliged to do so. GN CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR AIRLINE DELAYS.

Aircraft boarding privileges are limited to persons whose full payment and signed agreement have been received by GN and whose names are on the manifest given to the carrier before departure. All persons must also present a passport with at least six months validity beyond their return date and a Cuba visa when boarding. Improper documentation, inadequate proof of identity, inadequate proof of age for children under 2, or any other reason may result in denial of boarding privileges. The air carrier reserves the right to decline, accept or retain any person on the flight at any time within their sole discretion. If you are denied boarding privileges, you forfeit all monies paid and will be assessed any non-recoverable costs.

VISAS: A visa is required for U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba. GN’s OFAC authorized travel service provider will endeavor to assist travelers in applying for the necessary visa subject to the following. A signed, valid passport is required for each person and it is suggested that if you do not already have your passport that you apply for it immediately. If you currently have a valid passport, it must be valid a minimum of 6 months after your scheduled date of return to meet the requirements for your visa. Visa assistance will only be provided for those travelers paid in full 45 days prior to departure.

NOTICES: Any complaints or claims against GN must be made in writing and received by GN within 90 days after scheduled termination of the trip. Any action or suit against GN must be commenced within 1 (one) year after scheduled termination of the trip or be forever barred.
The rights and remedies relating to cancellations made available under this agreement are in addition to any other rights or remedies available under applicable law. However, we offer any refunds under this agreement with the express understanding that the receipt of that refund by you waives all other remedies.

While Go Next makes every effort to adhere to the specifics shown in this brochure, all information contained herein is subject to change. Go Next is not responsible or liable for typographical errors, omissions or misprints. INSURANCE: Travel insurance is available and can provide coverage for unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your trip. See panel above.

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS ONLY: International travel involves stringent identification and documentation requirements. Be sure you are familiar with them sufficiently in advance and early in your planning.

ADVISORY: When you are traveling outside of the United States, please be aware that significantly different health, safety and legal standards may prevail. You should plan and act accordingly and exercise good personal judgment for your own health and safety at all times when abroad. If you have special medical or physical requirements, you should investigate your destination(s) beforehand and ensure the care and conditions you need will be available.

IF YOU CHANGE PLANS OR CANCEL, YOUR RIGHTS TO A REFUND ARE LIMITED: The following charges will be assessed for cancellations. If you cancel or change plans more than 100 days in advance of initial flight, a full refund less a $250 per person administrative fee is provided. Any refunds are provided only in accordance with the following schedule. Any requests for cancellation must be communicated to GN in writing. Applicable refunds, if any, will be made within 14 days after the cancellation.

CANCELLATIONS: Upon receipt of written cancellation from you, the following service fees will apply in addition to any applicable airline cancellation fees: Cancellations received 101 days or more before initial flight departure, $250 per person; 100-46 days before departure, $1,000 per person; 45 days or less, no refund.

HEALTH: Any physical or mental condition requiring special medical attention or equipment must be disclosed in writing to GN at the time the participant makes a reservation. GN may reject the reservation of any person who, in the opinion of GN, is unfit for travel or might be a danger to themselves or incompatible with others on the trip. Participants requiring special assistance, including without limitation those who permanently or periodically use a wheelchair, must be accompanied by someone who agrees to provide the required assistance and participate in the program. GN reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the authority of any participant to remain in Cuba under GN’s license.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING MEDICAL EXCEPTIONS) TO THESE POLICIES. No refunds will be made for any portion of the arrangements we have made for you that are not actually utilized by you. There is no variance from these policies for the services we arrange as described in this brochure.

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