Support the Legacy Scholarship

The UVA Alumni Association created the Legacy Scholarship for two primary reasons:

  1. It gives back to alumni by supporting their children while studying at UVA
  2. It supports future alumni while they study at UVA

The Legacy Scholarship is open to incoming undergraduate students whose parent, step-parent, or legal guardian earned a degree from UVA.  Selection is based on a balance of merit and financial circumstances.  Preference may be given to children of Life Members of the Alumni Association.  The current value of a Legacy Scholarship is $5,000 annually, $20,000 over a scholar’s four years at UVA.

The Legacy Scholars Program has set an initial goal to award scholarships to five (5) incoming students annually. In order to support a total number of 20 scholars in residence, there needs to be $2,500,000 in endowment. Upon reaching this goal, the Scholarship aims to increase the value of its awards to make a greater impact for its scholars.

Progress to $2.5 million Endowment Goal

$2.02 million

Growing the Scholarship

Since starting in 2009, the Scholarship has grown from one annual award to four in 2021, and a total of twelve scholars in residence. But we’re still only meeting a fraction of the need.  We need your help to meet our goal of awarding 5 new scholarships every year and supporting a total 20 scholars in residence.

Year Admitted Legacies Scholarship Applications Awarded Scholarships Scholars in Residence Total Annual Disbursements
2009 675 103 1 1 $5,000
2010 726 95 1 2 $10,000
2011 809 166 1 3 $15,000
2012 833 116 2 5 $25,000
2013 927 123 2 6 $30,000
2014 1,060 128 2 7 $35,000
2015 1,010 109 2 8 $40,000
2016 1,102 129 3 9 $45,000
2017 1,040 113 3 10 $50,000
2018 1,209 130 3 11 $55,000
2019 1,013 154 3 11 $55,000
2020 1,083 173 3 10 $50,000
2021 1,002 117 4 12 $60,000
Goal 5 20 $100,000

Legacy Scholarship Endowment

By making a gift to the Legacy Scholarship endowment, donors support the Legacy Scholarship Program. The gifts are invested and the income contributes to the funds available to award as scholarship. As the endowment grows, so does the number of students named Legacy Scholars.

Support the Legacy Scholarship Endowment

Named Endowment Funds

The Legacy Scholars Program also invites donors to endow their own named scholarship. In 2017, the Cynthia Darr Garver Legacy Scholarship was created to honor long time Admission Liaison Program (now known as College Compass) Managing Director Cindy Garver upon her retirement. In 2018, the first Cynthia Darr Garver Legacy Scholar was named. A named endowment creates a perpetual legacy at the University of Virginia.

For more information on named Legacy Scholarships, please contact us at or 434-243-9000. 

Support the Cynthia Darr Garver Legacy Scholarship

What Legacy Students Say

“The award is a great way to let students feel wanted at the University and to entice them into coming. I cannot express how thankful I am for the many doors that have been opened for me because of this scholarship.”
—Katherine Thorne, Col. ’16

“This scholarship has afforded me the ability to concentrate on my academics as well as make a difference at UVA, instead of having to seek part-time work to offset expenses,”
—Alexandra Glynn, Col. ’17

“Your generous financial support has allowed me to be much more flexible in how I spend my time at UVA, and I truly feel it is allowing me to flourish.”
—Eric Ott, Engr. ’16