Weekend Schedule

While the weekend schedule won’t be finalized until late fall 2018, here’s a general overview of what’s in store for UVA Reunions 2019! Please note: Event details are subject to change.

Thursday, May 30:

  • Morning: Off-Grounds Excursions (Monticello, Golf, etc.); On-Grounds Tours and Open Houses
  • Evening: Welcome Reception

Friday, May 31:

  • Morning: Seminars; On-Grounds Tours and Open Houses
  • Afternoon: Seminars; Student Organization Receptions
  • Evening: “Cocktails in the Library”; Class Dinners

Saturday, June 1:

  • Morning: Lawn Procession; Presidential Address; Keynote Seminars
  • Afternoon: School Luncheons; Seminars; On-Grounds Tours and Open Houses; Student Organization Receptions
  • Evening: Class Dinners; Band Party

Sunday, June 2:

  • Morning: Wahoo Fun Run; Brunch featuring Larry Sabato; On-Grounds Tours and Open Houses

In early February 2019, you’ll receive an events brochure in the mail and an email inviting you to register online for Reunions (that is, if we have your updated contact information. Not sure? Update your contact information here). Both the brochure and the email will provide far more detail than the generalized schedule above.