Reunions: June 2-5, 2016

We had a great weekend celebrating with over 1,500 alumni and guests from the classes of 1981-1956 and the Thomas Jefferson Society! We’ll be updating this page with pictures, videos, and podcasts from the weekend, so check back often to relive all of the memories from June 2-5, 2016!



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Student Life at UVA: Challenges and Opportunities

Associate Deans Laurie Casteen and Marshall (Marsh) Pattie from the Office of the Dean of Students discuss student life at the University. Of particular focus will be student safety improvements, sexual assault prevention and education, changes in the Fraternal Organization Agreement, “After Hours” late night social programming, and the acquisition of new student activity spaces, among other topics. Click here to listen to the podcast.

The Business of Sports

Panelists Val Ackerman (Col ‘81), commissioner of the Big East conference and founding president of the WNBA; Craig Littlepage, director of intercollegiate athletics programs at UVA; Jonathan Mariner (Com ‘76), chief investment officer of Major League Baseball; and Wally Walker (Col ’76), former president and general manager of the Seattle Supersonics lead a conversation about the business of sports moderated by UVA basketball legend Barry Parkhill (Educ ’73). The panelists share their career paths, recount their experiences in the field, and offer insights into the industry of intercollegiate and professional sports.


Climate, Clarity and Complexity: What UVA Knows About Climate Change

An exciting panel of University faculty and climate change experts speak on areas of active debate and ongoing research in climate change. Topics will include the connection between extreme weather events, estimates of future warming levels and, of course, comparative observations and lines of evidence that certain human activities are contributing to Earth’s climate change.

 The First Amendment, Internet and Terrorism

When can – and when should – government clamp down on internet speech intended to incite violent acts? Faculty experts revisit U.S. Supreme Court decisions that guide government policy and any new cases of incitement.

Video copy of “The First Amendment, Internet, and Terrorism can also be found here.


Visit iTunesU to view our podcast archive, which includes seminars and other academic programming from previous reunion programs. Click here to find a full listing of President’s Sullivan’s speeches (at Reunions and throughout the year).

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