Social Membership

For those who frequently attend Virginia Club events, we offer an annual membership that grants benefits such as discounts to all ticketed events. We offer four social membership pricing options; social membership is tax-deductible and valid for a full twelve months beginning the day one registers. The Virginia Club of New York social membership is powered by Chargify. While social membership pricing options are delineated by class year, social membership is open to alumni, parents, family, and friends of the University, and holding a degree from UVA is not required.

Young Alumni Membership (2020-2022 Graduates) $30 per year
Alumni Membership (<2019 graduates)  $60 per year
Senior Membership (Age 60 and up) $40 per year
Dual Membership (for couples) $100 per year

Benefits received by Virginia Club social members include:

  • Discounted prices for almost all ticketed events. Average savings is $10-$15 per event. Members also may enjoy free admission to some events that are ticketed for non-members, such as faculty speaker events.
  • Access to members-only events
  • Free drinks and merchandise! These are handed out at many of our events.
  • Priority registration for our most popular events.
  • Discounts to ‘Hoo-led and UVA-affiliated businesses such as Lunar Hard Seltzer, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, and more!

A social member’s savings can total over $150 in one year!

Social membership does not entitle alums to access the Yale Club. In order to receive these benefits, please sign up for clubhouse membership.