Clubhouse Membership

Since 1995, a unique alliance between the Virginia Club of New York and the Yale Club of New York City has given UVA alumni access to membership to the Yale Club of New York City.  Located at the corner of 44th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan, the 22-story building is the largest college-affiliated clubhouse in the world.  It features 138 hotel rooms, three restaurants, a roof terrace, two bars, a library, and a fitness facility featuring a newly-renovated gym, three squash courts, pool, steam room, and sauna. The Yale Club serves over 11,000 members with the finest facilities, a friendly and attentive staff, special events to suit every taste, and a sense of camaraderie you simply won’t find anywhere else. Clubhouse membership allows UVA alumni to utilize the Yale Club facilities and attend events hosted by the Yale Club, in addition to enjoying the benefits offered through Virginia Club social membership. UVA alumni make up close to 1,600 members of the Yale Club. Please view our 2023 Clubhouse Member Information Packet for a full outline of the dues and benefits of clubhouse membership.

Membership Eligibility

Clubhouse membership is available to:

  • University of Virginia degree holders of any school
  • Full-time professors
  • Current full-time graduate students
    • Those enrolled in a full-time graduate school program are eligible for a significant discount on their dues and initiation fee as well as a 50% discount on an athletic package. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment.
  • Spouses or domestic partners of any of the above, regardless of school attended

Request a Clubhouse Tour

Still have questions about the facilities or would like to see them in person? You may schedule a tour Tuesday through Thursday from 10:15 am to 5:15 pm by clicking here or emailing A video tour is also available upon request.

Reciprocal Clubs

Clubhouse members also enjoy the Yale Club’s network of carefully-selected Reciprocal Clubs in some of the most popular destinations in over 15 major countries and 20 states. From historic clubs in Boston, Chicago, and London to athletic clubs in Los Angeles and Seattle to country clubs in the Tri-State area and beyond, clubhouse membership connects UVA alumni to over 100 additional membership clubs when traveling for business or pleasure. Clubhouse members may request access to a reciprocal club by submitting a Letter of Introduction on their Yale Club internal portal.

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As a first step, please fill out the below form. Once the form is received, our Executive Director will reach out with next steps – which include submitting your initial payment and a headshot – within three business days. After payment submission, membership activation will occur within another three business days. You will receive a confirmation with your active account number and instructions to download your virtual membership card.


For information on membership resignation or reinstatement, please click here.