Hoos Hungry

Hoos Hungry is the Virginia Club of New York’s food-centered community of interest. The group was formulated for those who enjoy experiencing NYC one bite at a time. Hoos Hungry seeks to bring Wahoos together through food-related events such as tastings, cooking classes, restaurant outings, and more. The committee strives to organize an event every other month. Subscribe to our Hoos Hungry newsletter here. 

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Signature programs include:

  • Restaurant outings (to restaurants such as Red Rooster, Ivan Ramen, Peking Duck House, and more)
  • Cooking classes (including a Farm to Table cooking class, a homemade pizza making class, and a baguette baking class)
  • An annual panel featuring alumni in the food industry (with topics ranging from Culinary Disruption to Health & Wellness)


To plan/schedule a Hoos Hungry outing please email uvanyc@uvanyc.org.

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