We’re hiring our 2023 – 2025 Executive Director!

We’re in search of our next Executive Director! As our current Executive Director Lydia’s term comes to a close in summer 2023, we’re looking for an enthusiastic Hoo to assume the role of our 2023 – 2025 Executive Director. 

The position is incredibly unique in that it allows a recent graduate to independently manage a nonprofit that serves more than 15,000 alumni and programs more than 100 events per year, while remaining connected to the UVA community.

Class of 2023 and UVA alumni with 0-2 years experience are invited to apply for the position here (Handshake Posting #7326757).

Applications close 1/27/23 at 8:00 PM. Please do not hesitate to contact our current Executive Director at uvanyc@uvanyc.org with any questions about the role or the application process.