Core Values

Our Values: Community, Connection, Enrichment, Inclusivity, and Service


We place community at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to serve all alumni, parents, students, friends, and fans of the University of Virginia in the New York City metro area and beyond. Our core tenant is to build and support a vibrant and engaged community of Wahoos.


We seek to connect our alumni to NYC and each other by curating new and existing communities within the broader UVA network. We serve as a bridge between the University, the Alumni Association, and NYC-based Hoos.


We facilitate the continuation of lifelong learning begun on Grounds. Through our programming, we offer our community members the opportunity to engage more deeply with a variety of intellectual topics. We also strive to provide Wahoos experiential programming that allows them to explore the richness and history of NYC. 


We believe firmly that a vibrant community is one in which individuals across diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences find a sense of belonging. We recognize our responsibility in building a space that fosters and builds a community that reflects the diversity of UVA and NYC.


Through community service outings and charitable donations, we give back to the communities that have shaped us. We provide our alumni with opportunities to connect deeply and directly with the NYC community and each other through group volunteering. By giving  time and resources, our alumni create a more profound sense of belonging in NYC by helping their community flourish.