Jeffersonian Wine Tasting

In honor of Jefferson’s birthday, join the Virginia Club of New York for “No Guest Left Behind: Thomas Jefferson and the Art of Political Hospitality”, a presentation and wine tasting facilitated by Kay Neeley, Associate Professor of Science, Technology & Society at UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Together, as we enjoy a selection of five wines from France and Virginia, we will learn about the distinctive social techniques Jefferson used and the role that wine played in them.

Jefferson’s public accomplishments, especially during his time as president, were in large measure the product of his mastery of the art of political hospitality. He established a distinctive style of entertainment in the White House: small dinner parties focused on engaging conversation animated by the aesthetic pleasures of fine wine and food and facilitated by Jefferson’s ability to draw in even the most reticent of guests.

Admission is $35 for members and $50 for non-members. Click here to RSVP. Please note that space is limited. Members may purchase a maximum of two tickets at the member rate. Not a member yet? Join today! Memberships start at $30/year.

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