Personal Assistant / Private Office Manager

Amazing opportunity to travel the world. Employee will work directly with the employer as her personal assistant and be responsible for managing her daily schedule in addition to:
– Drafting e-mail correspondence
– Liaison between financial and other business associates
– Booking and managing travel arrangements (including flights, visas and accommodations)
– Managing three homes and necessary work / projects for the properties
– Overseeing staff & delegating work
– Attending high fashion fittings and appointments
– Answering phone calls professionally and directing them as appropriate
– Ensuring the Owner is well prepared for any appointment or meetings
– Providing additional administrative support to employer as necessary

Candidate must be honest and hardworking. Must be highly organized and able to prioritize a multitude of tasks in a fast paced environment. Must be able to take dictation at quick speeds, and format into professional and polished e-mails. Must have great typing skills, be tech savvy and Mac proficient. *Quickbooks experience or ability to learn quickly. Great communications skills, and the ability to work well in a team. Good research and writing skills. Must be able to travel domestically and abroad. BA required.

Please contact Mere Wynne <> for inquiries.

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