UVa Sociologist Conducting Research on Trust at Work

Dear UVa Alumni in NYC:

My name is Sarah Mosseri, and I am a 2012 MA graduate (sociology). I am working on my PhD in sociology (also at UVa), and I am living in the city this year as I work on my dissertation. My research investigates trust in contemporary workplaces, and I am writing the group to ask for possible connections/leads to workplaces that may allow me to join them for three to six months to conduct observations and interviews.

I have four years of experience in advertising and marketing in addition to my research experience, and I would be happy to work as a freelancer, assistant or intern—even for free—in return for access. The research focuses on broader patterns of trust at work, and therefore I protect participating companies’ and individuals’ confidentiality through the use of pseudonyms and by omitting any identifying details. I am also willing to sign and abide by non-disclosure agreements when appropriate.

Participating companies would be making a meaningful contribution to academic knowledge on workplace cultures and contemporary employment relations. The findings from the study are likely to be particularly relevant for employers interested in designing and implementing programs that focus on talent retention, workflow processes and workplace culture.

If you are interested, have leads or are simply willing to offer advise, please contact me at sem2gw@virgina.edu or by phone at 706-540-7430. I am also happy to provide additional information at that time.

Thank you in advance! Go Hoos!
IRB#: 2016015200

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