Recent UVA Graduate (’15) Looking For Job

Hi Fellow Hoos, my name is Griffin Shapiro and I graduated from UVA this Spring (’15) with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Global Sustainability from UVA’s School of Architecture. I am interested in environmental issues, sustainability, conservation, and more. However, upon graduating, I am realizing that I would like to pursue a more creative field.

This summer and through the early Fall, I worked at an international film festival on Long Island where I assisted the Festival’s Director/Founder. I also operated the Festival’s documentary series and took great pride in making sure the film selection included documentaries about sustainability, as well as environmental and humanitarian issues. My job included administrative work, social media outreach, fundraising, marketing, digital advertising, working directly with filmmakers and photographers, and much more.

While most of my peers from UVA’s Environmental Science department are pursuing graduated research or careers in consulting, I would like to pursue a more creative field. I take great pride knowing that I can communicate well with both scientific minds as well as more creatively driven individuals. I am also an amateur photographer/filmmaker and would like to combine my love of visual media with my interests in global environmental issues. I am currently looking for jobs related to digital media and/or advertising for non-profits and NGOs. However, I am open to any job where I can learn valuable skills and help make a difference.

I would love the opportunity to speak with any fellow Hoos about my qualifications, goals, and aspirations. Please feel free to connect with me via email ( or LinkedIn.

– Griffin D. Shapiro

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