Looking for a roommate in Brooklyn

I’ve been living in a great two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for the last four years, but my roommate is moving out next month, and I’d love to keep the place, so I’m looking for a new person to share.

The apartment is in a nice prewar building on a great street right in the heart of Park Slope (7th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues), near tons of bars, restaurants, gyms, and trains into Manhattan. It has a large living room, two bedrooms with closets, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. The building is very quiet, filled primarily with people in their 20s and 30s. The landlord is really laid back, and the superintendent is always quick and attentive. The rent is $2500 a month total, which we’d split. Heat and water are included. You can likely understand why I’m so keen to stay!

I’m a CLAS ’03, and I’ve lived in New York since graduation. Today, I’m a children’s book editor at HarperCollins Publishers. I generally work 9-6 or so every day in the office, and spend many evenings working at home as well. I’m generally quiet, I don’t drink a ton, I read a lot of books and play a lot of video games, and I’m a Yankees fan. I also spend a good chunk of every month (ten days, at least) out of town, so you’d have the place to yourself for that time. I own all of the major stuff in the apartment, couches and TV and kitchenware and such, so you’d only need things to furnish the bedroom. The room will be open after August 5, so you’d be free to move in anytime between then and September 1 (I’d be happy to prorate the rent for whatever day you move in, but I’d really like to find someone who would want to move in no later than September 1).

If you’re interested, please send me an email at jbrown@alumni.virginia.edu. I’d be happy to give you more details on the apartment, and send along some photos as well.

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