How has Honor shaped your current or future role?

What you learn in terms of Honor and conducting yourself with integrity—it does carry forward.
Kennon Poteat (Com ’01)
Especially in nursing, it’s even more of a personal responsibility that we need to be Honorable, both in what we’re doing now and in our future professions.
James Edwards (Nurs ’25)
It was a level of respect that I took for granted but reflect on more and more as I get closer to a career.
Madhav Nair (Col ’21, Med ’22)
The core of a legal career is concerned with integrity and justice.
Patricia Kyle Epps (Col ’74, Grad ’79, Law ’83)
I’m their leader and someone they look up to and someone they trust, and I take that very seriously.
Alexa Ramirez (Col ’23)
UVA is a good place to practice… being Honorable in tough situations.
Gabrielle Bray (Col ’23)