What do you hope the next generation of UVA students learns about Honor?

It’s a place where truthfulness is paramount.
Patricia Kyle Epps (Col ’74, Grad ’79, Law ’83)
I know alumni across the country hope that Honor will be a continuing bedrock of education at UVA.
Kennon Poteat (Com ’01)
Honor is completely personal to them, but the way they enact it, that’s when it becomes the community aspect of Honor.
Madhav Nair (Col ’21, Med ’22)
Honor is something you can take with you, that walks away from Grounds with you.
Thomas Hall (Col ’02, Law ’06)
As students, it’s a unique responsibility for us.
James Edwards (Nurs ’25)
Honor as a value can be lived out in so many different ways.
Lily West (Darden ’12)
If they can say that they conducted themselves with Honor and they do the right thing, then they will make the world a better place.
Gabrielle Bray (Col ’23)