How do you define Honor?

For me, Honor means trusting each other as family members, as people who can count on each other for little things.
Alexa Ramirez (Col ’23)
The way I view Honor is like a higher calling.
Madhav Nair (Col ’21, Med ’22)
It’s beyond a system. It’s the way you lead your life.
Kennon Poteat (Com ’01)
It recognizes that we are all interconnected, and that we rely on each other.
Patricia Kyle Epps (Col ’74, Grad ’79, Law ’83)
We see Honor at its core as the spirit that binds all of us as a community.
James Edwards (Nurs ’25)
It’s what you do in the dark, when no one else can see you, when no one else will know.
Gabrielle Bray (Col ’23)
Integrity is what you do when no one else is watching.
Thomas Hall (Col ’02, Law ’06)
What Honor feels like is a community in which you can trust each other.
Lily West (Darden ’12)
I weave that idea of how you treat others with the ‘don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal.’
Les Williams (Engr ’00)