What does the Community of Trust mean to you?

The value of Honor is not just important when you’re on Grounds, but it’s one that stays with our alumni forever.
Lily West (Darden ’12)
It was a privilege to be in a Community of Trust. It was very important to me, and it remains important to me.
Patricia Kyle Epps (Col ’74, Grad ’79, Law ’83)
You think about this tie that binds disparate generations of alumni together.
Thomas Hall (Col ’02, Law ’06)
I prided myself on my integrity before coming to UVA, but UVA has strengthened that and given me the language to talk about it.
Gabrielle Bray (Col ’23)
A relaxed environment… allowed me to be a freer thinker and not have stress.
Les Williams (Engr ’00)
Now more than ever we need people out in society who conduct themselves Honorably.
Kennon Poteat (Com ’01)