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J-Term: Economic Sanctions and Foreign Policy

Students used their advocacy and negotiation skills to understand key lessons of Andrew Hayashi’s January Term, or J-Term, course on the use of economic power to pursue foreign policy goals. Hayashi is the Class of 1948 Professor of Scholarly Research in Law and director, Virginia Center for Tax Law at the University of Virginia‘s School […]

J-Term: Gender in Sport and Film–Capturing a “Moment of Folly”?

Over ten days of studying films in January Term, or J-Term, Bonnie Hagerman and her students considered issues of representation and empowerment of women in sport. Hagerman is the director of undergraduate programs and assistant professor in the Department of Women, Gender & Sexuality in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at […]

J-Term: Leadership in Athletics

While most UVA students enjoyed a two-month winter break before beginning the spring semester, some attended classes remotely during January Term, or “J-Term.” Lifetime Learning is pleased to share a series of UVA faculty reflections on 2021 J-Term experiences. Read more on Thoughts From the Lawn.           University of Virginia‘s James […]

J-Term: A Love Affair with Tuscany

This next installment in the J-Term series has been written by Enrico Cesaretti, Associate Professor of Italian. See the other J-Term blogs here. From the many Northern European “Grand Tourists” who traveled to the Italian peninsula in search of warmer climates, famous art-works and other pleasures in the 18th and 19th century, to Thomas Jefferson’s […]

J-Term: Prozac Culture

This next installment in the J-Term series has been written by Joseph E. Davis, Associate Professor in the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. See the other J-Term blogs here. “One out of every five U.S. adults uses at least one drug for a psychiatric problem; 11 percent of all adults took an antidepressant in […]

J-Term: Ethics, Gender and Reproductive Technologies

This next installment in the J-Term series has been written by Rosalyn Berne, Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering and Society. See the first J-Term blog here. In January, for six hours a day, 25 second and third year students and I sat in a circle, talking about human conception. The act of conception […]

J-Term: Contemporary Issues Under the First Amendment

January Term at UVA has just wrapped up, the courses having taken place from January 3 – 13, 2017. With small classes, unique and intensive topics, and even study abroad opportunities, J-Term offers a chance for both students and faculty to take deep dives into intriguing topics. Lifetime Learning will release blogs from several UVA […]