UVA at Oxford Seminar 2019—The Old World and the New: Britain and America

Date & Time

September 14 - 20, 2019


Trinity College, University of Oxford
Broad Street
Oxford, England


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The UVA at Oxford Seminar will examine perceptions and connections between Britain and America. The views of the Seminar’s faculty leaders, British-born Andrew O’Shaughnessy, whose field is early American history, juxtaposed with those of American Jeanie Grant Moore, whose field is British literature, give kaleidoscopic perspectives of relations between the two countries as they have developed a unique friendship.

Beginning with early encounters in the Renaissance, and moving through the 18th Century and the Victorian Age, their series of lectures will use historical and literary lenses to view the evolution of what Winston Churchill once called the “Special Relationship.”

Join faculty experts for a weeklong learning experience in beautiful Oxford with excursions to Liverpool and London. Engage in classroom lectures and discussions, take guided tours of historic sites, visit museums, and live in-college at the nearly 500-year-old Trinity College, University of Oxford. The seminar will encourage us to think of our own society from the vantage point of foreigners whose views are sometimes misconceived and at other times very penetrating.


Andrew O’Shaughnessy

Professor of History, University of Virginia and Vice President of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and Saunders Director of the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello

Andrew O’Shaughnessy is Professor of History at the University of Virginia, Vice President of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and Saunders Director of the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello. A dual citizen of Britain and the United States, he received his BA, MA and DPhil. from Oriel College, Oxford University.

O’Shaughnessy’s most recent book, The Men Who Lost America: British Leadership, the American Revolution, and the Fate of the Empire (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013), received eight national awards including the New York Historical Society American History Book Prize, the George Washington Book Prize, The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Excellence in American History Book Award, and The Society of Military History Book Prize.

O’Shaughnessy is also the author of An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000) which was the alternate designate selection of the History Book Club. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he is an editor of the Jeffersonian America series published by the University of Virginia Press, The Journal of American History and the Journal of the Early Republic. This is O’Shaughnessy’s second time as faculty leader at UVA at Oxford Seminar.

Jeanie Grant Moore

Professor Emerita of English, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Assistant Professor of English, University of San Diego

Jeanie Grant Moore, Professor Emerita of English from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, now teaches in the English department at the University of San Diego. She received her BA at UCLA, her MA at San Diego State University, and her PhD at the University of California, Riverside.

From 1996 to 2008 as a faculty member of the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, she taught courses in British literature, Shakespeare, gender studies, and theatre. Moore also served as Graduate Director for the university. During her tenure in Wisconsin, she traveled with students on study tours to France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, and co-created, co-taught, and co-administered semesters abroad at Cambridge University with Andrew O’Shaughnessy. After leaving Wisconsin, she guided interested adults on educational tours abroad.

At the University of San Diego, Moore teaches a wide range of courses and serves as an Integration Fellow for the Living Learning Community of first-year students. She recently received the Faculty Award for Exceptional Teaching.

An unabashedly self-described Anglophile, Moore has traveled widely in the UK, not only leading students abroad, but also conducting research at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and the British Library. Her publications include articles on British and Italian literature of the medieval and Renaissance periods, and her current research addresses the issues of power, gender, and the visual on the Elizabethan stage. She has delivered papers at regional, national, and international conferences.

Jeanie Grant Moore and Andrew O’Shaughnessy have collaborated many times. For two years they taught a semester-long study abroad program at University of Cambridge while working at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. They also have team-taught an Honors course at the University of Wisconsin and co-directed a Monticello trip in Britain tracing the footsteps of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in their tour of England in 1786.

Program Highlights

Trinity College, which is located on Broad Street, may be visited at your leisure for a casual stroll of the grounds. This historic college has been a place of study since 1286. Founded in 1555, its Chapel, dining hall, quads, and beautiful gardens will be our home away from home for our week-long learning experience at the University of Oxford.

  • Walking tour of historic University of Oxford
  • Inside glimpse of the second oldest library in Britain, the Bodleian Library, including the Duke Humfrey’s Library and the Divinity School
  • A visit behind the walls of New College and Magdalen College
  • A guided tour through Christ Church, constructed in the 12th century
  • A Choral Evensong service at Christ Church
  • An excursion to Liverpool to visit:
    • The International Slavery Museum. Opened in August 2007, by December 2016 it had welcomed more than 3.8 million visitors. It is the only museum of its kind to look at aspects of historical and contemporary slavery as well as being an international hub for resources on human rights issues.
    • The Merseyside Maritime Museum on the Royal Albert Dock. The museum contains a variety of objects associated with the social and commercial history of the port of Liverpool and houses the major exhibition, Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story, which tells of Liverpool’s links to the ill-fated liner.
    • Knowsley Hall, the ancestral home to Earl and Countess of Derby. With over 1000 years of history, this much-loved estate remains one of Merseyside’s hidden treasures and only stately home.
  • Finding America in London – A unique, daylong journey through London that will bring history to life, ending with our farewell dinner at the Reform Club. Stops include:
    • Grosvenor Square Garden in central London—The Royal Parks. Grosvenor Square has been the traditional home of the official American presence in London since John Adams established the first American mission to the Court of St. James’s in 1785. From 1785 to 1788, Adams lived in the house which still stands on the corner of Brook and Duke Streets.
    • Inns of Court: The Secret World of Legal London. Discover the origins and history of the English Legal system through an odyssey that crisscrosses the centuries. Gain insight into the customs that still play a major role in England’s everyday business.
    • St. James Palace, a royal residence. Built largely between 1531 and 1536 by Henry VIII, much of the original red brick building still survives today, including the Chapel Royal, the gatehouse, some turrets and two surviving Tudor rooms in the State apartments.
    • The Reform Club. This imposing and palatial Clubhouse founded in 1836 is in Pall Mall in the center of London’s Clubland. Opened in 1841, its membership was restricted to those who pledged support for the Great Reform Act of 1832. It was developed as the political headquarters of the Liberal Party, but is no longer associated with any particular political party.

*Tentative program. Check website often.

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Terms & Conditions

Age Requirement
Registration is open to those 18 years of age or older.

Participant Physical Abilities
Please note that this educational seminar may be problematic for anyone who has difficulty with walking or mobility. This program requires extensive walking tours on uneven surfaces and may involve climbing stairs and standing for long periods. Elevators are limited in Oxford. We aim to treat all participants equally. We ask that you let us know of any disability or special need so that we can advise you as to whether this program is appropriate. Prospective participants with mobility difficulties or visual or hearing impairments may want to make preliminary inquiries before signing up for the program since the age and layout of many of the Oxford buildings and streets make them user-unfriendly. Oxford, as an ancient city, tends to be difficult to navigate for people with disabilities. Trinity College does not provide Porter Service to assist with luggage.

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The Participant will assume responsibility for damage to premises, furniture or other property of Trinity College, or harm to any other person caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the participant.

The University of Virginia reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photograph or film taken during this seminar by our photographers without payment or permission. We guarantee that no photographs of a compromising nature will be used.

Changes to Schedules
Although every effort will be made to adhere to the seminar schedule, please bear in mind that if it is necessary the University of Virginia and Oxford reserve the right to make occasional changes.

While the University of Virginia and Oxford will try to ensure that all anticipated accommodation is available as planned, there shall be no claim of any nature whatsoever against the University of Virginia or Oxford for a refund either in the whole or part if any accommodation changes are necessary and a reasonable alternative is found. If the guest is unable to use any service provided in the itinerary, then there are no refunds due.

Registration Fees

This event has SOLD OUT. Submit your name to be added to the waitlist.


$3,675 per person double occupancy, double (one bed) ensuite, land only

$3,955 per person single occupancy, ensuite, land only

Fees include lectures, tours, living in-college (dorm rooms), six breakfasts, six lunches, five dinners.

Participants must be 18 or older.


*We will adhere as closely as possible to this schedule. Traffic may alter plans slightly.

Saturday, Sept. 14
1:30 PM Check-in at Trinity College
Program Introduction and Orientation
Coffee, Tea, and Cookies Available
Lecture 1: Know Your Ally Britain: The Special Relationship (Team-Taught)
4:30 PM Oxford Tour—Introduction to the City, Trinity College, and Magdalen College
Welcome Reception and Dinner—Quod Restaurant and Bar
Sunday, Sept. 15
8:00-8:45 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
9:00 AM Lecture 2: ‘O Brave New World’: Envisioning America (Moore)
Break—Coffee and Tea Available
Lecture 3: “Vexed and Troubled Englishmen”: Colonizing America (O’Shaughnessy)
Lecture 4: A Virginian in England: William Byrd II (Team-Taught)
1:30 PM Lunch—Trinity College
2:50 & 3:00 PM Oxford Tours—New College and Christ Church (2 groups)
6:05 PM Optional: Christ Church—Choral Evensong Service
7:30 PM Dinner—Trinity College
Monday, Sept. 16
TOUR DAY—Merseyside and Liverpool
7:30 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
8:00 AM Depart Trinity College for Merseyside and Liverpool on Coach
Lecture 5: Liverpool, the Slave Trade, and the Earls of Derby (Team-Taught on Coach)
12:00 PM Lunch at Knowsley Hall, Ancestral Home of Earl and Countess of Derby—Merseyside
Tour of Knowsley Hall
Depart Merseyside for Liverpool
Self-Guided Tours of Slavery Museum and Maritime Museum—Liverpool
Dinner on a River Boat while Cruising the Waterfront of Liverpool
Depart Liverpool for Trinity College
Tuesday, Sept. 17
8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
9:30 AM Lecture 6: When London Was Capital of America (O’Shaughnessy)
Break—Coffee and Tea Available
Lecture 7: Declaring Independence (Team-Taught)
Lecture 8: The Lasting Lure of the Old Country: Early Americans Abroad (Moore)
1:15 PM Lunch—Trinity College
Afternoon & Evening Free Time –Dinner on Your Own
Wednesday, Sept. 18
8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
9:30 AM Lecture 9: Jefferson Brings Europe to America (O’Shaughnessy)
Break—Coffee and Tea Available
Lecture 10: The Traveling Victorians: Brits in America, Americans in Britain (Moore)
Lecture 11: Jefferson’s Favorite Granddaughter in England: the Diary of Ellen Coolidge (Team-Taught)
1:15 PM Lunch—Trinity College
3:15 & 3:45 PM Oxford Tours—Divinity School and Duke Humfrey’s Library at Bodleian Library
4:00 PM Tea at New College Hosted by Peter Miles Young, Warden
7:00 PM Dinner—Trinity College
Thursday, Sept. 19
8:00-8:30 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
8:45 AM Depart Trinity College for London
Tour Stop at Grosvenor Square
Tour of Middle Temple, Inns of Court
12:30 PM Lunch—Fuller’s Ale & Pie, Inn of Court
Continue Tour of Inns of Court
Tour of Sir John Soane’s Museum
Visit Temple Church
Return to Coach for free time near The Reform Club
5:30 PM Farewell Dinner at Reform Club (Special Guest Lord Hugh Fairfax)
Return to Trinity College
Friday, Sept. 20
8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast—Trinity College
10:00 AM Program Ends
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Should a participant wish to cancel his/her registration to the UVA at Oxford Seminar, a written cancellation must be sent to

  • For cancellations received by 5:00 pm on April 15, 2019, participants will receive a 50% refund.
  • For cancellations received after 5:00 pm on May 14, 2019, but before 5:00 pm on June 14, 2019, participants will receive a 20% refund.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations after 5:00 pm on June 14, 2019.
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Mary Lynn Musser
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