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Innocence Project: Investigating Wrongful Convictions





Join Lifetime Learning as we learn about the important work being done by UVA’s Innocence Project and the stories of those exonerated. The Innocence Project is a yearlong clinic where faculty and students investigate and litigate wrongful convictions of inmates throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Timothy J. Longo, Sr., UVA’s associate vice president for safety and security and the chief of police, will interview Deirdre M. Enright, professor of law and director of the Innocence Project Clinic, School of Law, University of Virginia.


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Timothy J. Longo, Sr. (moderator)

Associate Vice President for Safety and Security and Chief of Police, University of Virginia

Timothy J. Longo, Sr. is the associate vice president for safety and security and chief of police at the University of Virginia. Prior to his positions with UVA, Mr. Longo served as chief of police of the city of Charlottesville for sixteen years and held various positions in the Baltimore Police Department over nineteen years. Also a lawyer, Longo serves as a lecturer at UVA’s School of Law, where he teaches a course on police use of force.

Deirdre M. Enright

Professor of Law and Director of the Innocence Project Clinic, School of Law, University of Virginia

Deirdre Enright is a professor and director of the University of Virginia Law School’s Innocence Project Clinic. Enright previously worked at the Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center, where she represented clients and consulted on cases in all stages of capital litigation, with a primary focus on federal and state post-conviction proceedings and Supreme Court certiorari review. After graduating from the University of Virginia Law School in 1992, Enright worked as a staff attorney at the Mississippi Capital Defense Resource Center.

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