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Frontiers of Climate Science: A 5-Year Review


Online, Closed Captioned



Provost Liz Magill will interview leading UVA climate scientist and Environmental Sciences Professor Scott Doney on the current state of climate science. The emissions reductions targets for the Paris Climate accord were set based on science developed before 2015, and the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report came out in 2016. Provost Magill and Doney will discuss what we have learned in the past five years about human carbon emissions, our changing climate, and impacts on people and the planet. Karen McGlathery, director of UVA’s Environmental Resilience Institute, will provide opening remarks.


M. Elizabeth “Liz” Magill

Executive Vice President and Provost

M. Elizabeth “Liz” Magill is the executive vice president and provost of the University of Virginia. As the chief academic officer, she oversees the University’s teaching and research activities and directs the academic administration of the schools, the library, art museums, public service activities, numerous University centers, and foreign study programs.

Scott Doney

Joe D. and Helen J. Kington Professor in Environmental Change

Scott Doney is the Joe D. and Helen J. Kington Professor in Environmental Change in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UVA. His research spans oceanography, climate, and biogeochemistry, with an emphasis on numerical models, remote sensing, and data analysis. He is interested in how the global carbon cycle and ocean ecology respond to natural and human-driven climate change signals such as ocean warming, sea-ice loss, and ocean acidification due to the invasion of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning.

Karen McGlathery

Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

My research group focuses on the dynamics of ecosystem change in shallow coastal systems and the roles of climate, nutrient over-enrichment, and species invasions on driving these changes. Current projects include: 1) Blue carbon sequestration in seagrass ecosystems, 2) seagrass restoration and return of ecosystem services, 3) salt marsh resilience to sea-level rise, 4) ecosystem regime shifts in coastal barrier systems, and 5) impacts of invasive macro algae (Gracilaria). I am the lead PI of the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Project on Virginia’s eastern shore, and the director of UVA’s Environmental Resilience Institute.


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