Online Library for Alumni

Lifetime Learning provides alumni with free access to a robust online research library featuring six databases with over 10,000 journals and articles, many of which are full-text. These databases are available free of cost to all University of Virginia alumni through your HoosOnline account. Whether you have returned to school, work for a major corporation or stay at home with children, the library databases can be a great intellectual resource. Search the databases to keep you up-to-date on the latest topics, discoveries, business books or wellness information.

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The library features five research databases.

  • Academic Search
    Full text journals, indexing and abstracting
  • Business Source
    Alumni Edition for post-college professionals
  • Book Summaries
    Summaries of the top business books
    Nursing and Allied Health
  • Health Library
    Health, wellness and complementary therapy
    Medical Database



Top 5 Reasons to Use the UVA Alumni Library Databases

  1. They contain subject-specific journals aimed at your profession, such as nursing, business, law, psychology and more.
  2. The internet has many formats (websites, articles, biographies, quotes, etc.) which can burden you with extra work of wading through the information you need.
  3. Access to Business Book Summaries, which provides comprehensive summaries of the world’s leading business books. Great for today’s busy executives.
  4. The Internet has no accountability for information accuracy or reliability; UVA Alumni Library Databases do!
  5. They are FREE to all University of Virginia alumni!

Help & Support

EBSCOhost, the provider of the research library, offers a help & support website full of how-to guides and useful tips. Also be sure to check out their active YouTube channel for video tutorials.