Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Lifetime Learning’s Diversity & Inclusion resources address topics of diversity, inclusion, and equality; offer book recommendations that speak to a diverse audience; and highlight the work of diverse UVA faculty. These resources include Thoughts From the Lawn blog posts as well as podcasts and vodcasts of recorded talks by UVA faculty from Engaging the Mind, More Than the Score, Reunions Seminars, and Summer Jefferson Symposium events. We are pleased to share this collection of resources with you.

Blog Posts Thoughts From the Lawn

01/19/2021    Our Better Angels by John Ragosta

01/15/2021    Freedom to Discriminate? by John Ragosta

12/15/2020   A Power Broker Like No Other: Stacey Abrams and the Democratic Party by Barbara A. Perry and Alfred Reaves IV

12/25/2020  Books for 2021: What are YOU reading? by Sarah Lawson

11/09/2020  The Jewish Grandchildren of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson  by James Loeffler

9/24/2020   RBG: Jimmy Carter’s “Notorious” Judicial Legacy by Barbara Perry

08/05/2020 Summer Reading: Virginia Festival of the Book by Sarah Lawson

07/21/2020  Summer Reading Relevant to Our Times by Patsy Goolsby

05/07/2020  Law Touched Our Hearts: A Generation Remembers Brown v. Board of Education by Mildred Wingfall Robinson

03/20/2020  Calling All Parents: Books to Help You Raise a Reader by Latisha Hayes

03/02/2020  Take the 20/20 Reading Challenge by Abigail Palko

01/08/2020  A Personal Reflection: Remembering Our “World House” by Reverand Mildred M. Best

10/04/2019  Gender Violence and Social Change by Claire Kaplan

09/05/2019  Bridging Students with the Community by Shu-Chen Chen

06/21/2019  Summer Reading: History Revisited by Patricia Goolsby

11/05/2018  Loving Her Fiercely–Remembering a Playwright, Poet, and Author by Deborah McDowell

08/21/2018  Remembering Aretha by Deborah McDowell

02/02/2018  From the Director: The History of Black History Month by Deborah McDowell

01/16/2018  Diversity Enshrined: Religious freedom and the American experiment by John Ragosta

12/13/2017  PALKO POV: Assess & Act by Abigail Palko

10/20/2017  The Events of August 11th and 12th: A Historian’s Brief Reflections on Charlottesville by Derrick Alridge

09/15/2017  Back to School: Lessons After #Charlottesville by Deborah McDowell

09/06/2017  #Charlottesville by Kirt von Daacke

09/01/2017  Dealing with the Aftermath by John Schorling

08/23/2017  Tools of Displacement by Sophie Abramowitz, Eva Latterner, Gillet Rosenblith

08/18/2017  My Violent “Welcome” to Charlottesville by Chinwe Oriji

08/17/2017  Between the Right and a Hard Place: How JFK Pivoted to Righteousness by Barbara Perry

08/16/2017  In the Aftermath by Deborah McDowell

08/15/2017  In Response by Marcus Martin

05/22/2017  Travel Ban Brief: Remember So as Not to Repeat by Kathleen Flake

04/03/2017  Filling in the Blanks in the History Books by Abigail Palko

03/30/2017  J-Term: Gender-Based Violence by Lisa Speidel

03/20/2017  J-Term: Human Rights and the Refugee Crisis by Laura Alexander

03/13/2017  Moving Black Girls to the Center of Women’s History Month by Corinne Field

12/21/2016  UVA’s Recommended Holiday Reads: Part 2 by Sarah Lawson

12/16/2016  UVA’s Recommended Holiday Reads: Part 1 by Patricia Goolsby

05/31/2016  Thomas Jefferson: An In-Depth Look at the Man We Have Immortalized: Slavery and Our Icons by John Ragosta

08/20/2015  In Memory of Julian Bond by Alumni & Parent Engagement

06/23/2015  The First Attack on Charleston’s AME Church by Maurie McInnis

03/30/2015  Segregating History by Corinne Field

02/10/2015  The Work of the Enslaved Laborers at UVA in the Early Days by Kirt von Daacke

12/02/2014  Elimination of Violence Against Women: How Do We Repsond? by Charlotte Chapman

05/23/2014  Lessons of Civil Rights Movement Still Relevant by Alberta Phillips


Podcasts & Vodcasts

1/27/2021 Food and Justice in Virginia by Paul Freedman, Shantell Bingham, Tanya Denckla Cobb, Basil Gooden, Christianne Queiroz

11/13/2020 A Force for Change: A Century of Women Faculty at UVA by Abby Palko, Phyllis Leffler, Sharon Hostler, Farzaneh Milani, Mildred Robinson

11/9/2020 2020 Center for Global Health Equity Scholar Research Symposium by Rebecca Dillingham, Richard Guerrant, Paul Farmer, John Burns, Sasheenie Moodley, Pranay Sinha, Erin Wettstone

11/6/2020 Enhancing Relational Policing: Bringing Theory into Practice by Brian Williams

11/6/2020 Leading Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at Work and in Society by Martin Davidson and Laura Morgan Roberts

10/22/2020 Centuries of Struggle: The Past, Present, and Future of the Nineteenth Amendment by Abby Palko, Phyllis Leffler, Sharon Hostler, Farzaneh Milani, Mildred

9/18/2020 Social Determinants: The Key to Repairing Health Disparities AND to Containing COVID-19 by Michael Williams

9/4/2020 Enslaved on Grounds: Slavery and the Experiences of Enslaved Laborers by Justene Hill Edwards

7/16/2020 Jazz in Historical Context by John D’earth and Scott DeVeaux

6/30/2020 Increasing the Representation of Women in Engineering by Pamela Norris

6/25/2020 The Politics of African-American Property Ownership as Freedom by Justene Hill Edwards

6/24/2020 The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers by Kirt von Daacke

06/08/2019  Hip-Hop and the Global South: Owning My Masters with A.D. Carson

06/01/2019  Social Determinants: The Key to Repairing Health Disparities with Dayna Bowen Matthew and Dr. Michael Williams

05/31/2019  Rum, Rummy, Rampaging, and Research: Life at Early UVA for Students, Faculty, and the Enslaved with Kirt von Daacke

01/21/2019  Solving the Global Refugee Crisis and Other Disasters: Business Solutions to the World’s Toughest Problems with Christine Mahoney

06/08/2018  Civil War Memory: Charlottesville and Beyond with Gary Gallagher, John Mason, Elizabeth Varon

01/20/2018  Envisioning the Future: Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education with Derrick Alridge, Robert Pianta, Teresa Sullivan

10/21/2017  August 11-12, 2017: Where Do We Go From Here? with Risa Goluboff

01/17/2017  King’s Vibrato: Speech, Power and the Sounds of Blackness with Maurice Wallace

11/12/2016  The University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s Battle for Religious Freedom with John Ragosta

10/22/2016  Modern Day Scarlet Letters: The Social and Economic Costs of Our Corrections Systems with Gregory Fairchild

01/27/2015  Slavery at the University of Virginia with Marcus Martin, Kirt von Daacke, Kelly Deetz, Petrina Jackson, Maurie McInnis

06/01/2012 Crossing the Color Line: From Rhythm and Blues to Rock ‘n’ Roll with Julian Bond