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Solar Power and Sustainability at UVA

Written by Andrea Trimble, UVA Sustainability Director In pursuit of an ambitious UVA Sustainability Plan to reduce the University’s environmental footprint and to provide associated educational opportunities, UVA is advancing the evaluation and installation of renewable energy both on and off Grounds.  UVA’s five-year Sustainability Plan compiles new ideas, as well as feedback generated over […]

Exploration for Fossil Fuels in the Arctic: Is It Worth the Risks?

Written by Stephen Macko, Professor, UVA Dept. of Environmental Sciences Together with growing global population come heightened demands for increased energy resources. New technologies for novel energy acquisition and sustainable energy production are rapidly growing and fulfilling part of this need. However, despite increased capacity from those renewable energy resources as well as increased efficiency […]

Our Energy Future: Developing Domestic Resources

Our Energy Future: Developing Domestic Resources By 2050, the global energy demand is predicted to double or triple current levels. Access to new domestic energy resources that are clean and inexpensive is perhaps the country’s (and the world’s) most pressing need. Join Professors Brent Gunnoe of the Chemistry Department at UVA and Harry Gray of […]

Is Our Ocean in Crisis?

Stephen Macko, Professor, U.Va. Department of Environmental Science, will present his perspective on this precious resource at  More Than the Score on September 29.  Get a preview of Professor Macko’s work in this article in U.Va .Magazine titled, “An Almost Forgotten Oil Spill: Remembering the Ixtoc I Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico“. About More Than […]