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Seeing Double Doubled

By: Stephen Cushman, Robert C. Taylor Professor of English It’s as though a mischievous genie waggishly exaggerated the divine command to Noah:  Bring two of everything.  Not just male and female animals in pairs, but two coffee cups to fill, two doorknobs to grasp and turn, two rows of buttons on a shirt to fumble […]

Visit to “Mr. Jefferson’s University”

A Message from Henry Spearman from Ken Elzinga’s The Mystery of the Invisible Hand I recently visited with my friend Marshall Jevons at the University of Virginia, the place he calls “Mr. Jefferson’s university.”  Because I’ve heard the University of Virginia called “UVA” many times, Marshall’s term for the place seems odd to my ears.  […]

The Changing Face of War

COMMENTARY by Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello) This is a commentary on the following book entry:   “American War of Independence (1775-1783)” by Stephen Conway (UCL) Stephen Conway is a leading British historian of the American Revolution. He is an appropriate successor to his former supervisor I.R. Christie at […]

Books On Jefferson You May Enjoy

Wether you are preparing for the Summer Jefferson Symposium or just want to know more about Thomas Jefferson, we have several book suggestions that will give you a better understanding of our founding father. Have you read these? Share your thoughts with us! Edwin Morris Betts, ed., The Family Letters of Thomas Jefferson (Charlottesville: University of […]