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The Nameless One

April is National Poetry Month, and Lifetime Learning is pleased to celebrate the talents of UVA faculty. Enjoy our April poetry series!

Raisa Tolchinsky in an instructor and third-year Poe/Faulkner Fellow in poetry in the Creative Writing Program in the Department of English in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia.



in the mail i receive a certificate
for my adopted star: # k2-117
just above cancer’s left claw,
333 light years away and more distant
by the second. a gold half-sheet
means i get to choose a name,
but that i should choose at all, absurd—

still, i begin with the beautiful:
angel, cypress, spiral, cadillac,
then move on:
kleenex, corpse, phlegm, police.

pinprick in the curving dark,
heavy as five earths—
come nearer,
you impossible.

i give up and stand in spring’s mud
to exhale one grey sound
from an irreducible place.

just surrender
and the scream-sound
will snag and shape itself.

but it never does,
and k2-117 never comes closer
no matter how many times
i adjust my poem
which is, after all,
a telescope.

……………..(c) Raisa Tolchinsky, 2021


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