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Corvidae Madrigal

April is National Poetry Month, and Lifetime Learning is pleased to celebrate the talents of UVA faculty. Enjoy our April poetry series!

Lisa Russ Spaar is a professor and director of Creative Writing and director of the Area Program in Poetry Writing in the Department of English in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia. Her poetry collections include Vanitas, RoughSatin Cash; Blue Venus; and her forthcoming workMadrigalia: New and Selected Poems (Persea Books, 2021). Spaar has edited several anthologies and books of essays, including the recent Monticello in Mind: Fifty Contemporary Poems on Jefferson.



A scrutiny, a scolding, in ruffian row,
this dive-bombing murder of crows.

Crow from the Italian cornice—a jutting—
outcome of Grecian korōnís,

crooked, as in hawk beak, all those Medieval
plague doctors hurrying in hook-nosed masks,

bearing clove-stuck oranges
against disaster’s miasmic stench.

How not see the COVID in CORVID?
But also, in both, the poet Ovid,

exiled until death for “a poem and a mistake,”
transformations, the tongue-cut nightingale,

flesh creeping into bark, winged bruises emitting
crawl, crawl.   Until we must believe it.

…………………………………….(c) Lisa Russ Spaar, 2021


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