Grant Recipient

You’ve received a grant from The Jefferson Trust. Congratulations!
Now What?

I want to:

  • Use my funds (please note we’ve updated our forms – things will look a bit different! There is now a single payment form. Links to old payment forms will redirect here.)
  • File a report
  • Upload pictures


How do I access my funds?

Your funds have been transferred to an account established at the U.Va. Fund. Contact Amy Bonner for account details, then use this form to request funds.

Does my funding expire?

No. Your account will remain open until 1) there is a $0 balance or 2) you alert us that you do not need the remaining funds.

Can I transfer the full amount to my department account?

Yes. However, a benefit of the UV.a. Fund accounts is ease of access. We can typically process payments more quickly than the University system. An exception to this is payments for salaries. We do suggest transferring funds for this purpose to a University account.

How do I check my account balance?

Please email Amy Bonner at

How do I submit progress reports or a final report?

You can submit a report from our website. Click here to view the upload form.

I have great pictures from my project – how do I share them?