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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is expected of Digital Ambassadors?

Digital Ambassadors help spread the word about the great content on HoosNetwork using their own social media platforms (one or multiple) in order to share HoosNetwork content of their choosing. Each week, the Engagement & Annual Giving Team will email a digest of 6-10 featured articles on the site. While there is no requirement for specific number of shares, we hope that Digital Ambassadors will find at least one article to share from that digest each week on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Google+.

What kind of content will be delivered on the weekly digest?

The digest will contain links to articles from our three primary categories: academic life, professional development, and advice. Original content will be created by the HoosNetwork team and published alongside articles from our featured alumni bloggers on topics ranging from fashion to wellness, cooking to business and entrepreneurship. Content on HoosNetwork is meant to be fun, casual, entertaining and informative. We’re proud of all the great U.Va. alumni bloggers around the and want to feature their articles on the site. Articles created by the HoosNetwork team will largely be in the “academic life” category like, “5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Rotunda” or content featuring a new novel authored by a U.Va. faculty member.

Why should someone become a Digital Ambassador?

This is a never-been-done in higher education content marketing experiment and we could really use your help! We’d like your help sharing our articles because it’s fun and engaging, but also because we’re attaching advertisements for our fundraising initiatives to all the content on HoosNetwork. Just by sharing a HoosNetwork article, Digital Ambassadors are helping to raise money for the Rotunda Restoration, Need-Based Scholarships and Faculty Excellence, just to name a few of the priorities here at U.Va.

Aside from content sharing, Digital Ambassadors will have great opportunities to have articles featured on HoosNetwork and receive priority consideration. Beginning in the spring, we’ll also have social sharing contests for Digital Ambassadors and the chance to win great U.Va. gear for participating.

Will the social sharing of Digital Ambassadors be tracked?

Yes, we are using a platform called Social Seeder so that we can tell which Digital Ambassadors are sharing what content. The platform will allow us to better understand the reach of our Digital Ambassadors and allow us to cater our content creation to the articles Ambassadors choose to share. Social Seeder has sent us the required data protection documentation for email addresses and social media accounts.

For more information about HoosNetwork and the Digital Ambassador program, please contact HoosNetwork by email (