Using the Internet to Ace Your Interview

I previously gave tips on how to do well in law school, and now I have some tips about how to get a job by nailing the interview. Specifically, I will look at how to use the internet to do your best in an interview. While I have the most experience with legal interviews, these tips apply broadly to all interview settings.

Before any interview, the conventional wisdom is that you have to do your homework and research as much about your potential employer as possible online. If you know who your interviewer will be, you also should research that person.

Yet, that is only half the story because the real challenge is how to integrate this information during an interview. As a starting point, your internet research should give you some general background in order to allow you to talk intelligently about the position. But broadly speaking, all the other candidates will have done that and it is critical to distinguish yourself in an interview.

The real key is to subtly, but effectively, demonstrate to the interviewer that you have a deeper understanding about their industry through your research. If you have done your homework, then you can drop specific references that will impress your interviewer. However, you don’t want to make it so obvious that it seems like all you did is some searching online.

This is particular true for your specific research on the interviewer. Instead of saying, “I saw online you wrote a paper on how the sharing economy is changing your industry;” say something like, “the sharing economy is changing your industry and I would like to help mange this change.”

All this might seem like common sense, but the internet will give you a lot of background on a potential employer. Your job is to find the really important information and specifically apply it in your interview. The more relevant the information is to your interviewer, the better. While this won’t guarantee you a job, it can give you a leg up and help nail your interview.

Post by Sam Shirazi (CLAS ’10, LAW ’15) 

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